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  1. Merry takes a huge step when she leaves home and moves to Amhearst to save herself. Have you ever had to take such a huge step? Or maybe a small one? How did that work out?
  2. Her work in journalism has honed Merry’s problem-solving skills, enabling her to solve the mystery. How have jobs you’ve held honed your talents in unexpected ways?
  3. The theme verse for this book is Psalms 32:8. What part of this verse is the most comforting to you? Why?
  4. Merry forces herself to go to the bell choir. What benefits come to her for taking that risk? What risks have you taken that have paid off for you?
  5. Patrick’s fiancée Hannah holds herself responsible for his death. What are your thoughts about this issue? What about when you are really responsible for someone’s hurt? What do you do with the regret? What are three steps the apostle Paul gives to help us deal with regret in Philipians 3:13–14?
  6. Patrick’s mother, sister and nephews suffer from his death. What are five practical things that can be done to help people who are cut to the quick like they are? Are there people in your life who could use this kind of TLC?
  7. Andy Gershowitz is briefly suspected of being Patrick’s killer as a result of a romance gone sour. Have crimes of passion happened in your community? What can you, as a Christian, do to minister to those affected?
  8. What led Don to the place he could take his life? Was his suicide the act of a strong person or a weak one? Why?
  9. Much of
    Caught in the Middle
    has to do with choices and the consequences. Read Joshua 24:15. Long, long ago Joshua leveled this challenge at his people. How does this challenge apply today? How can it safeguard us in our choices?
  10. Name five ways in which Jack and Curt differ. Which suitor should Merry pick and why?

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BOOK: Caught in the Middle
8.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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