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was a tap on her office door, interrupting what could well have been a rather
infantile exchange of insults. "Dammit, I gotta go, Soph. Sorry. But you
can bet we'll be talking more about this."

was afraid of that. So--maybe don't keep in touch." She giggled.

laughed back. "Like that's gonna happen. Bye." She disconnected the
call as she rose to answer the knock. Her small office suite was on the ground
floor at the rear of the building, so she couldn't always see who outside her
door. Keeping it locked seemed like a good idea unless she had an appointment.

she didn't, so she had to click the lock before opening the door.


gasped aloud as she looked up into Logan's eyes, unable to prevent her exclamation.
He was damp, his hair curling down onto his forehead and dusted with sparkling
droplets. He smelled of…Logan, a fresh male scent that seeped into her brains
and curled itself up in her hypo-something or other.

wanted to strip him, lick him from head to foot and fuck him silly. Instead,
she said, stupidly, "Hi."

yourself." He brushed drips off his shoulders. "Can I come in?"

was ready to step aside, but waited a beat. "I don't know. Are you alone?"

caught her inference. "Yes. Tyler's in California. To stay. I'm alone now.
Have been since just before Christmas."


stared at her with something behind his eyes that made her body ache for him. "I
never really knew what it was to be truly alone. You were right, Susannah. We
had our reasons, but you were right. We'd been hiding. I'm done with hiding
now. And I've figured out what it is I want."

nodded and then stepped back, inviting him inside. "I'm glad, Logan. Very
glad for your sake."

watched her close the door. "I hope you'll be glad for your sake too.
Because I'm pretty certain that what I want…is you."

She snapped the lock back into place. "Only pretty certain?"

grinned and her heart leaped into her throat. Only Logan could smile quite like
that. "I need to make sure. And for that, you'll need to get naked. Soon.
Very soon."

backed up to her desk, leaned her butt against it and put her hands on the edge
next to her hips. It was a physical invitation, and she was curious to see if
he'd respond.

should've known better. He was between her legs, looming over her before she'd
caught her breath.

you don't want to be naked in five seconds, tell me to go, Susannah."

stared into those beautiful eyes. "Make it six seconds. My boots have










About The Author


Kelly is always happy to explain to editors that her spelling errors aren't
really errors, since she was born and raised in England, where an extra "u"
is quite in order. She likes to think it adds colour to her writing. Sadly, it's
not a widely held belief, so she'd like you to know she still retains a lot
from her English childhood even though you won't see much of it in her stories.

in America with her almost-complete collection of Leslie Charteris' Saint
novels and a passion for Monty Python, Sahara's new life eventually expanded to
include a husband, offspring, citizenship, and a certain amount of acclimation
to her new surroundings. (She still cherishes that extra "u" though.)
Life in New England became complete with the publication of her first novel
just after the birth of her son, and over two decades later she's still

enjoying the greater freedom offered to authors by the rapidly expanding
self-publishing scene, she's looking forward to many more such experiences,
both with older favorites and lots of new stories like this one. Being freed of
restraints has opened doors--for Sahara and many other writers. There are now
no impediments; no obstructions barring the path from writer to reader. Which
is, in many ways, exactly as originally intended when that first storyteller
sat on a rock outside her cave, tugged her bearskin around her shoulders and
smiled at her kids across the open fire with the words "Once upon a time..."
(or however it sounded several million years ago.)


find out more about Sahara Kelly and her writing, please drop by her website
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she has jumped into the world of private enterprise literature, Sahara has
formed her own little publishing company. You're also welcome to come and check
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find these books and other Sahara Kelly stories, simply search for her name in
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keep an eye on Sahara's website or visit her on Twitter/Facebook. You can stay
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life great?


Best wishes for may hours of happy

Sahara Kelly


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Coming Soon


series of romances based in and around Renaissance Faires will be wrapping up
with the next book, ROUGH KNIGHT? It is, as you may have deduced, Sophie Lewis's
story and it involves leather. And perhaps some bondage. And perhaps a bit of
punishment as well, along with a man who is as tender and loving as he is
dominant. Sahara Kelly has written more than a few popular BDSM novels, and is
looking forward to dipping her pen into the turbulent ink of desire blended
with submission and dominance. Sophie's about to find out just what constitutes
a Rough Knight. In more ways than one.


you missed the first adventure, be sure to pick up ONE KNIGHT ONLY. It's
available for your
. Set in Massachusetts, at King Richard's Faire, this is a personal
favorite of Sahara's, since she's a regular attendee. She has also visited the
other two locations for this series, Maryland and Tampa, but since she's a New
Englander now, she's most familiar with the lovely landscape of Southern
Massachusetts. And of course, there must be costumes. Another of Sahara's
obsessions. Keep an eye out for a little pamphlet she's published titled "Sahara
Kelly's Guide to Corsets". At the moment it's only in private
distribution, but you never know…



a sneak peek at the first book in this series –




Fisher, known to his friends as Tad, has a meeting in a rather unorthodox
setting – behind the scenes of a joust at a Renaissance Faire…)



had learned to ride years ago, cherishing the secret ambition of slapping on a
Stetson and a pair of Colt 45s. Or whatever cowboys had used. Sadly, the riding
community in Magnolia, north of Boston, was more into dressage and polo than
recreating the gunfight at the OK Corral. So his riding career had been briefer
than he'd anticipated. No tears were shed, since his nasal passages had never
completely accustomed themselves to the fragrance of sweaty equines. He
supposed one got used to it, but for his part he'd rather not. These days, his
horses of choice were the ones under the hood of his Audi.

A.J." Mr. Chatty hollered into a stall. "You got company. Some

didn't bother correcting him, just waited for A.J. Ashford to emerge. He was
envisioning some sort of squire-type-cum-stablehand. So it was an enormous
surprise when a small blonde figure emerged wiping her hands on a grubby cloth.


there." Muscles gestured with his chin toward Tad then looked down at her.
"You done with Moses?"

He's okay, Joe. Just go easy on him. I still don't like the look of that saddle
sore, but it's healing and I've dressed it. Keep your armor away from it, if
you can."

grunt seemed to end the conversation and Tad found the strength to close his
mouth, which had fallen open at the elfin vision before him. She was petite but
rounded, her voluptuous shape revealed by a tight gown, cut low in front. Her
blonde hair flew every which way, long fronds seeming to dance around her head
and through the flowers and ribbons completing the magical look. Her dress was
blue and there wasn't a speck of dirt on it--a miracle in and of itself, given
the surroundings.

all these things registered as vague and insubstantial details on Tad's
consciousness because he had a growing suspicion he knew who A.J. Ashford was.

stopped short as she got her first good look at him. "Oh my God.

from his temporary mental paralysis, Tad attempted a smile. "Drina? Is
that you?"

seemed as if the little faery creature grew in stature as she squared her
shoulders, tossed the cloth aside and marched toward him.

Tad. It's me." She tensed. "You

left hook to his chin came out of the blue and knocked him flat on his ass.




_ _ _ _ _


BOOK: KnightsOfPleasure SKelly_Nook
3.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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