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"You need Tate to fight your battles for you now?" he sneers.

"No. I just have more important things to do than deal with your punk ass." I make my way out of the bar and to my truck.

I hear boots on the gravel coming up behind me. Before I can turn around, Tate says, "You're still in love with her, aren't you?"

Opening the door, I set her inside the truck before closing it and turning to face my best friend.

"It's not something I can just turn off. I've loved her most of my life. To see her again after all this time is like a fucking punch to the gut."

"But you're not the same man you were when you ended things, Jax. I don’t get why you are even trying. She seems different. Maybe she isn’t the same girl you fell in love with. Move on.”

“I’ll deal with things the way I see fit. I don’t need your advice, Tate. You’ve never been serious about a girl in your whole life.”

"Fuck you, asshole. I know your guys’ secret. Don't make me tell the whole town."

I can feel my face pale. How the fuck does he know? I sure as hell didn't tell him or anyone else. "How do you know?"

"Jax, I know you better than anyone. We've been best friends since diapers. When you came back from spring break, you were both giddy as hell. My question is how the hell did you guys get it done? Neither of you were eighteen."

I smile at the memory. "Lynnie convinced them we were and we had lost our IDs. I couldn't believe that they let us do it, either."

"Shit, the girl could convince anyone of anything. I guess that doesn't surprise me."

He slaps me on the back, then walks back into the bar. Getting in my truck, I rest my forehead against the steering wheel before I look over at her, seeing her beautiful hazel eyes staring at me.

"Jaxson…,” she starts. I just stare at her. Even looking like a hot mess, she's still the most beautiful woman in the world. "Thank you for keeping me from doing something stupid."

"Lynnie, I'll always protect you. You want me to take you to your parents’ house?"

She nods and I start the truck. The ride is quiet and I'm not sure if she's asleep or just pretending.
Glancing over at her, I think of how things ended between us. When I pull up to the house, her eyes remain closed. Getting out, I make my way to her side, open the door, and pick her up. Walking up to the door, I feel her move closer to my neck. When her lips graze me, I feel a shock of electricity.

Grabbing her keys out of her purse, I unlock the door and make my way inside. Walking down the hall to her room, I remember the last time I went in there. Shaking all thoughts out of my head, I gently place her on the bed, then pull off her shoes and set them on the floor.

I move the hair off of her face and kiss her forehead. "Night, Lyndley,” I whisper into the dark room.

"Night, Jaxson. I love you,” she whispers back.

About the Author

K. Renee is from sunny California. Creative by nature, she decided to put her imagination on paper. During the day, she works in an office; at night, she writes. These stories have been in her head for years and are finally coming out on paper.

K. Renee started writing this year, but has loved writing since she was young. She started this series because the story wouldn't get out of her head, no matter what she did. She's twenty-six, and typically writes in her free time or on her lunch break. K. Renee works full-time and tries to go to the gym every day. She reads constantly, and has hundreds of books she can't wait to start.

[email protected]

Tsu: KReneeAuthor

Twitter: k_renee_author


First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for buying this book! I never thought I would be releasing one book, let alone writing as many as I have in this short amount of time.

I can't wait for everyone to meet my characters and fall in love with them like I have.

I want to thank my beta readers for giving their honest opinion about the book. Tamra, Christy, Michelle, Tobi, Lilian and my in house beta reader (mom)… You ladies are awesome! Thank you for taking time out of your schedules to beta read for me. I am thrilled that you loved these characters as much as I did.

A big thank you to Kim for doing her editing magic for me. I love getting your feedback on scenes. It truly helps!

To my street team, K's Wayward Ladies… Thank you for all you do! You girls are amazing at pimping my book out to the indie world. Thank you for your support and I can't wait to see what the future brings.

To the readers and fans… I thank each and everyone one of you who come to hang out with me during takeovers, participating in my giveaways! I hope you like this and my future books.


BOOK: Lyndley
11.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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