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Over Her Dead Body

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Over Her Dead Body
By Bradley Bigato
Copyright 2011 Bradley Lutes



This book is dedicated to Jamie Motts for her words of encouragement, to Ellen Watkins for her inspiration, and to my wife Rachel for both.



“Writing is a form of personal freedom. It frees us from the mass identity we see in the making all around us. In the end, writers will write not to be outlaw heroes of some underculture but mainly to save themselves, to survive as individuals.” This quote from novelist and playwright Don Delillo sums up in part why it is that I write.

Since I was a child, there have always been stories coming
to me
at all hours of the day. In class, I always thought of myself as a “space cadet”. Despite my efforts not to, I would always find myself in the middle of some story that my mind had just randomly conjured. Today I
still a bit of a “space cadet” but I now see myself as some sort of magnet for unwritten stories.

In college, I had always found pride in the fact that many of my English teachers would use my work for examples for the rest of the class. Today, nearly fifteen years later, I am just now beginning to understand what Don Delillo meant. There is a freedom in writing. The freedom to express ideas, to become anyone or anything. And to “…save themselves, to survive as individuals.” as  Delillo puts it.

Now I find myself finally putting pen to paper so to speak. I hope that I still have that talent for writing that my teachers would beam about years before. More than anything, I hope that I’ve been able to captivate and entertain.

Should you desire to comment on my novel, inform me of any mistakes, or be added to my mailing list, please send me a message to my email address [email protected] with the title of my novel in the subject area. Thanks for reading.


Chapter 1


Amber and Maria pulled up in front of the large two story house. The house, a Victorian mansion built in the early 1900’s sat back off of Sterling Dr
on the outskirts of
Angel Falls
, NY. The driveway led from the street through two brick pillars connected to brick walls that surrounded the property. There was no gate between the pillars so Amber and Maria led the 2008 black Toyota Camry down the winding driveway until they pulled up abruptly in front of the house belonging to Dr. Benjamin Wimonowski. The house looked new despite the vines that stretched from the ground to the top of the building. To the left of the door was a single window on the lower and upper floors. To the right, there were two windows on each level overlooking the drive. It appeared that the blinds separated for a moment on the window to the left of the front door.

Amber looked at Maria. Maria put the car in park and exhaled loudly through her lips. “So how are we gonna do this?” Maria asked.

“I don’t know. I guess we just go up and knock on the door.”

“Don’t you think one of us should stay in the car in case there’s trouble?”
Maria sounded like her nerves w
ere getting the best of her.

“Why would there be trouble? It’s just a doctor’s house for Pete
sake.” Amber brushed back a strand of brown hair from her face.

“I know, I know. It’s just…something about this place gives me the creeps.” Maria played a serious stare at Amber. They both let the stare hold while reading each other carefully. People always assumed that twins can read each other’s thoughts but Maria and Amber needed to see into each other’s eyes to know what each other were thinking. As they stared, Maria’s serious and semi scared expression buckled into a smile and they both broke out in laughter. “I’m being paranoid aren’t I?” Maria said as she wiped away the tears that came from laughing too hard.

“Probably, but then again…it wouldn’t hurt if one of us just went up.” Amber said

“So we gonna flip for it? Or rock, paper, scissors?’

“Let’s flip for it,” Amber said as she took out a quarter from her pocket. “I call heads.”

“Hey, I wanted heads,” Maria chimed in as the coin went airborn. Amber caught the coin and flipped it over on her arm. Tails. “I mean tails, I wanted tails.” Maria backtracked.

“Alright fine. I’ll go,” Amber said as she opened her door. She began to get out and then leaned back in before shutting the door and said “chicken.” Maria began a retort but the door closed quickly.

“Be careful."
Maria said quietly to a now empty car. A shiver ran through her and she reached out to turn up the heat.


Dr. Wimonowski was inside sitting at the kitchen table. He was about to sink his teeth into a succulent piece of barbecued ribs when he heard a car pull up outside. He went to the window and peered out through the blinds.
Who the hell is this?
He didn’t entertain friends or guests, nor did he have family that dropped in to visit. He would get the occasional politician or salesman, but they didn’t come around too often. Sometimes children would get close enough to see the house, probably wanting to sell cookies, magazines, or fruit, but they always got spooked in the end and ran back out the entrance.

Dr. Wimonowski watched the car for a moment. It looked like a couple of girls inside arguing about something.
I suppose they’re spooked too
, he thought.
Probably arguing about who’s going to come up to the door to sell me something. Hmmm.
The passenger door opened and a girl got out. A minute later the doorbell rang.

Amber stood outside waiting. It was just the beginning of October so it wasn’t exactly freezing, but it wasn’t exactly warm either. She began to bounce a little, as her nerves and patience began to get the best of her. She reached out and was about to push the doorbell again when she heard a deadbolt unlock and the door swung open. “Dr. Wimonowski?” she asked.

“I’m Dr. Wimonowski. What can I do for you?” The doctor seemed nice, but Amber could tell he didn’t like visitors. He had grey hair on both sides, separated by a long bald spot in
middle. He pushed his spectacles up that had slid down onto his nose and repeated “what can I do for you Mrs…?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Amber. Amber Farmer.”

Dr. Wimonowski didn’t recognize the name. He looked her over carefully. Brown curly hair that went just past the shoulders. Brown eyes. Beautiful face. She wore blue jeans and a button red flannel shirt that was unbuttoned at the top to expose a lighter red t-shirt underneath. She was gorgeous, but he didn’t know her. “What can I do for you Mrs. Farmer?”

“Um Miss Farmer,” she corrected. “Back in 1990,” she began, “you had something special dropped off on your doorstep…didn’t you?” His reaction was immediate. His face went pale like he had seen a ghost. His lips began to tremble and his eyes filled up with fear…and tears. He looked like he was about to collapse. “Dr. Wimonowski? Are you ok?” she asked worriedly and braced herself to catch him should he fall out the door.

“I think you better come in.” he said. And stepped aside and shut the door behind her.

Maria watched everything from the driver side of the car. She couldn’t make out what was being said but she could see the expressions on the doctor’s face. First he looked annoyed, then curious, and then he looked frightened like he might run away or pass out. Maria’s bad feeling began to disappear and she could have kicked herself for not going in.
Maria heard Amber’s taunt echo in her mind and snickered.
I guess I am a big chicken
she thought.
And all for nothing. What a dork!
Maria just sat there and laughed at herself. She wondered what was being said inside.

Almost an hour had passed and Maria was starting to get bored…and a little nervous maybe. It’s not like she expected this to take fifteen minutes…or even thirty for that matter. But one hour seemed like five out here in the car in front of this creepy mansion/house thingy.
God! Here I go again being creeped out over nothing. And why? Over some creepy vines that went up the side of the building? They’re just vines!
Maria shook her head not understanding why she felt so on edge. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and all her senses where on high alert.
But why?

A few minutes later the front door opened and Amber stepped out. She turned, gave the
a hug and then started for the car. The
stared at Maria for a moment, gave a brief smile and then stepped inside and closed the door. Maria pushed the window button for the passenger side. Amber was almost to the car when she began to brag “see, I told you nothing was…” Amber stopped short her sentence when seeing Marias eyes grow big. A large, heavyset man had come around the corner of the house and behind Amber so fast Maria wasn’t able to get a sound of warning out of her mouth. Amber, seeing the startled expression, turned to look but a big gloved hand shoved a cloth over her mouth and the man opened the back door to the Toyota and shoved Amber and himself into the back seat. He shut the door and shouted “drive!” at Maria. Maria sat stunned with a look of shock on her face. She tried to move but she was frozen like a deer in headlights. The man still had a cloth over Amber’s mouth to keep her from screaming. Amber was thrashing around both trying to get away and trying to breathe at the same time. The man reached into his black leather coat with his right hand and produced a gun. “I said drive! Now!” and put the gun to Amber’s head. Maria’s witts came back to her and she put the car in drive.

“What do you want?” Maria was now crying. “You can have the car. You can have our money…just please…let us go.”

“Shut the fuck up and drive or so help me I will shoot her!”

Maria steered the car through the brick pillars. She wiped her sleeve across her face. She pulled up to the road and stopped. “Which way?”

“Turn right. And if you try anything, I’ll kill her. You got that?”

Maria nodded her understanding.

“You got that?” the man yelled so loud this time Maria about hit her head on the ceiling.

“I got it,” Maria bawled through tears. “Just…don’t hurt us.”

The man relaxed his hand that was around Amber’s mouth. “You scream or hit, I shoot. Understand?” Amber nodded agreement, mouth still muffled. “Good. Now put your hands behind your back. Amber did as she was told and felt something go around her wrists and then heard a zip sound as the zip tie was pulled tight. “Good. Now open your mouth.” Amber hesitated. “I swear to Christ I’ll knock your fucking teeth out. Open your Goddamn mouth!” Amber did as she was asked and felt the cloth go into her mouth almost choking her. The man pulled silver duct tape out his pocket and wrapped it around her head and mouth three times. Amber was relieved that she could breathe out of her nose. A week ago she had a cold and her nose was so stuffed up this little event would have killed her in thirty seconds. The man shoved her down onto the floor and then sat back and pulled out his cell phone. “Turn right here,” he directed Maria.

Maria glanced in the mirror and back at the road. The man was dialing a number on the cell phone.
She offered her car. She offered money. What did he want?
Maria had found that there were only a few things that drive men. She shuddered at the realization that if the man didn’t want money, they only had one other thing he could want. Maria felt her leg begin to tremble on the gas pedal. It was all she could do not to pee herself.

“I got em. Now what?” The man barked into his cell phone. “Where? You sure it’s empty? Ok. Then what?” The man met Maria’s gaze in the mirror and she quickly looked away. “Fine. Gotit.” The man clicked shut his cell phone and pocketed it back in his jacket. “Turn left at the next street,” he told her. Maria’s stomach turned as the realization dawned on her that not only had their fate just been decided, but there was more than one kidnapper. She began to cry again.

The man continued giving out directions for the next five minutes before instructing her to pull into a parking garage that appeared to be empty. She drove half way up the garage when he told her to park.

“Now put your hands behind your back.” The man ordered. Maria did as she was commanded and felt something go around her wrist and the same zip sound she had heard when the man had bound her sister. The man reached into his outer jacket pocket and produced another cloth and the duct tape. He then took her through the same awkward steps as he had done to Amber. Maria about threw up when the cloth struck her gag reflexes. She had to completely relax her body to shut it down so that she did not vomit and drown herself in the process.

The man stepped out of the car and opened Maria’s door. He took the keys and pocketed them and then hit the trunk button. Maria’s eyes grew large as she looked from the trunk button and then back at the large man. The man grabbed Maria’s brown hair and pulled her out of the car. Maria winced in pain but followed his lead still trying not to throw up. The man pulled her around to the back of the car by her hair. He raised the trunk and pushed her in, picking up her legs and shoving her in all the way.

Amber was listening and watched as he walked by the window with her sister. When she heard the trunk button she knew there was a possibility that they were going to be put in there.
But why?
None of this made any sense. Amber nearly came to the same conclusion that her sister did, that they were about to be the victims of rape when it occurred to her that it was highly unlikely considering where they were abducted. Not only was it somebody else’s property, the whole thing was nearly sealed in by a brick wall. This wasn’t some dangerous or h
igh traffic area where predator
s hung about. No, this was personal somehow.
Could the doctor have been involved?
It didn’t seem likely. He was a very nice man from what she could tell.
Oh God, why is this happening to us?

The man opened her door and grabbed her by the wrists and jerked her forward. He picked Amber straight up and dropped her…hard onto her sister in the trunk. Then everything went dark as the trunk slammed down on top of them. At first, both of the girls la
still as they tried to recover, Amber from being dropped, and Maria from having a hundred and twenty pounds dropped on her. They heard a loud slam as the driver’s door shut and the car started.

Amber wiggled around in the trunk, trying to get off her sister and trying to get more comfortable. Maria wasn’t moving at all and Amber was beginning to worry that she may have been knocked unconscious when the man dropped her so hard. Amber tried to make a sound, but the muffle was barely audible and it nearly choked her. She went quiet but was still struggling to get off her sister. To Amber’s relief, Maria started wiggling underneath her.

They both wiggled around until they were able to get side by side on their backs. Their knees were bent awkwardly as the trunk wasn’t big enough for them to lay flat. They could see the red lights of the car but it didn’t illuminate them enough to see anything else.

Amber lay
there looking up into the dark.
How did this happen to me?
She thought. Everything was going so well. Up until last year she never even knew she had a sister. Maria had figured it out somehow and had come and found her. When Maria’s parents had been killed in a car accident, Maria had been told by her surviving aunt and uncle that she had been adopted and that she had a twin sister. Maria, feeling desolate and lonely after the loss of her parents, set out to find out who she really was and wanted more than anything to meet their biological birth parents.

BOOK: Over Her Dead Body
5.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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