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“I have a suite at the Colonial, girls. Are you really lesbians?” Benny asked. The girls both giggled again as Helen stroked Benny’s arms and Dana had her hand on his upper thigh.

“Uh huh! Want to see?” Dana asked. Benny nodded and to everyone’s surprise, the girls began kissing. Chad and Tommy couldn’t believe it. Benny was on cloud nine. The girl’s stopped kissing and giggled again.

“We’d love to see your suite, Benjamin,” Helen told him. Helen stood and Dana joined her. They pulled Benny up between them, leaning on him and wrapping their arms around his muscular arms. Benny was beaming as the trio got up and promptly left after the girls thanked me for bringing them backstage. James and I watched them go and then looked at one another. I shrugged and James laughed. I joined him but Chad and Tommy were still dumbfounded.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but that was kind of exciting, little girl,” James announced. He winked at me and I saw his intent. James wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass without taking advantage. Neither was I.

“Yeah, I agree. I think you should take me back to the hotel…if you know what I mean,” I played along.

“Too bad you two didn’t bring your women along. I suppose you two could console each other,” James said and I fought the urge to laugh out loud as Chad and Tommy both glared our way.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” I added. James and I both burst out in laughter. Chad shook his head and Tommy showed us the middle finger on each hand.

“Assholes,” Tommy muttered. James stood and pulled me up with him and towards the exit. Those guys gave Benny so much shit and now it was their turn to be the butt of jokes. It was hilarious. I couldn’t help but get in one last jab.

“Chad, Josie told me Tommy likes to be the bottom,” I said. James squeezed me tight.

“Good one,” he whispered. We left the pair behind as we went to grab one of the limos back to the hotel.

“Very funny, Simone!” Chad shouted after us. God, I loved those guys.





Back at the hotel James and I both were still amped up from the concert and as was our habit we wound up naked in bed. I had attended most of the shows up until this point of the tour. At times, Josie and Anna were along for the ride too. However, I had taken it upon myself to represent the band on tour, working with the promoters and venues along with securing hotel rooms and transportation. On this leg of the tour, Josie and Anna had other obligations. Josie, my best friend and ex-roommate, had to work. Anna, Chad’s wife, had some charity events scheduled.

James seemed particularly aroused. I had barely joined him on the bed and he already had a raging erection. I think I knew what had him so aroused. It was Helen and Dana. It was no secret the idea of two women together turned James on, he was a man after all. I cuddled up next to him but I purposely ignored his hard shaft. Instead, I drew circles on his broad chest and hard stomach with my fingers. “You seem rather aroused,” I observed.

“I’m always excited after a show, little girl,” he replied.

“But there’s more, isn’t there?” I pressed. James smiled. He knew I knew.

“Well, I couldn’t help imagining what Benny got himself into tonight,” James told me.

“I bet those two girls are putting on one hell of a show for him. I imagine they’re kissing and touching each other. Probably pleasuring one another for Benny’s benefit. Kind of exciting, isn’t it?” I teased. James’ cock swelled as I spoke, a single drop of clear fluid appearing on his crown.

“What are you going to do for my benefit, little girl?” James asked.

“For your benefit? You think you’re the only one turned on right now?” I asked and climbed onto James, straddling his face. I looked down between my thighs to see the surprised look on his face. “Don’t forget to use the beard,” I said as James rolled his eyes and began to pleasure me. First, he bent his neck and brushed his beard over my soft folds. Damn, I loved that. It made me giggle but when James ran his tongue over my velvety lips, I sucked in a sharp breath. James went to work as his arms wrapped around my thighs and he wasn’t gentle or subtle.

I couldn’t help but lift my ass off of his chest and grind myself against James’ face, letting his beard tickle me. James lapped and sucked at me as I humped his mouth. His hands, rough and calloused, squeezed my thighs as my hands played with my small, but perky breasts. I must admit, the idea of Benny’s threesome with the two young lesbians was rather exciting. What a torrid scene that must be and part of me wished I could be a fly on the wall in Benny’s room. I bet James was doing the same thing as he ate my hot, wet pussy. A little spice never hurt anything, not that James and I needed any spice.

Despite the visions of the threesome going on just three doors down the hallway, I couldn’t get James’ big, throbbing cock out of my head. I looked back over my shoulder and stared at it longingly. It was as hard as I’d ever seen it with a rivulet of slippery fluid running down its length. I licked my lips and even though James had me driving towards orgasm, I pulled away. James tried to hold me there so he could finish his task, but I slapped his hands away.

“I’m not leaving. I just want to turn around and suck your cock. Unless you don’t want me to...,” I told him and his hands let me free immediately.

“By all means, little girl. As long as you don’t take this away from me,” James said and slapped my pussy. I squealed and looked back at James as I settled on top of him. He wore that devilish grin of his that I had come to enjoy.

“I bet Helen and Dana are sixty-nining right along with us down the hall,” I teased as I grabbed the root of James’ shaft and squeezed.

“You keep saying shit like that, little girl, and I’m going to throw you down and fuck you senseless,” James threatened playfully.

“Promise?” I asked as I turned and took James into my mouth as his mouth went to work on my pussy. His beard was brushing my hot nub and I loved it. That was my favorite. James was fucking me with his tongue as his hands kneaded my ass. For my part, I was greedily sucking his shaft as I stroked the base and fondled his balls with the other hands. Oh, those girls might have their fun on their own but there was no way I could give up a nice, hard cock. Let them eat pussy. I much preferred cock.

I went about proving my love for James’ amazing member. He leaked freely into my mouth and I savored the sexy treat. I was pretty sure James was getting a treat of his own. Being nude with my man and thinking about the crazy scene likely happening down the hall was driving me wild. Soon, James had me riding the edge of bliss and it wasn’t long before I tumbled over the precipice. I couldn’t help but stop sucking James cock as I screamed out. The pleasure was intense, warm and satisfying. However, that didn’t mean I was finished.

My hips went into overdrive as I sought more of what James was giving. I worked his thick member faster, squeezing his balls and stroking his shaft as I eagerly teased his purple crown with my mouth. James slipped a couple of fingers into me, his mouth now concentrating on my swollen clit. I came again, the insistent spasms taking my breath, and I couldn’t help but throw my head back and scream again. I also couldn’t help thinking about those two lesbian girls showering Benny with their affections. God, that was so dirty.

I went back to sucking on James and enjoyed his attentions between my thighs. However, it wasn’t long before I lost myself in my fantasies about the scene down the hall. I reveled in several intense orgasms while still managing to pleasure James but I had no idea how close he was. Suddenly, James grunted and pushed me from him. I landed on my back as James grabbed his shaft and squeezed. I giggled as he fought to resist his impending orgasm. James glared at me.

“You make this thing go off and you’re not going to get to ride it, little girl,” he said as if this was my first time.

“Sorry, I was lost in the moment,” I said and though I tried not to, I blushed.

“You were thinking about those girls and Benny, weren’t you?” James asked as his need passed.

“Maybe,” I replied. I got to my knees and pushed James back down on his back. “Can you handle me yet?” I asked him playfully. James laughed softly and I didn’t wait for a reply. I straddled James and eased myself onto his cock. I gaged his reaction and determined he had recovered sufficiently. I began to churn my hips as I leaned over his broad body supported on my outstretched arms and stared into James’ eyes. James grabbed my ass with both hands and helped me to ride him, kneading my soft globes with his strong fingers. Then one finger found its way between my cheeks and he began to tease my ass.

“I love it when you get fired up, little girl,” James growled. I smiled at him as I enjoyed being filled by James. I could tell by the way his heart pounded within me and the look in James’ eyes that this wasn’t going to last for long. I decided that if we were going down, we were going to go down in a spectacular ball of fire. I took James face in my hands, bent and stabbed my tongue into his mouth as I rode him. James eagerly sucked my tongue as his hips rose to meet mine. His finger was working my back door driving me crazy.

Suddenly, a climax hit me like a freight train and I sat up, arching my back and taking my breasts in my hands. I shrieked as I bucked my hips and James thrust into my from below. His cock was so hard and I was so wet. My body tingled as one orgasm faded into the next. James had his finger just inside my ass and between that, his cock and the visions of the wild sex down the hall, I was losing my mind. “Come in me, baby!” I shouted. James smiled up at me and I waited for him to explode. James, however, wasn’t finished.

He threw me onto my back, crawled between my thighs and slammed his hardness into me again. Each of his strong hands took an ankle and he lifted my legs high and wide above me. I grabbed the bedding with both hands as James hammered away, each thrust producing a pronounced smack as our flesh met. I was lost to the moment, my pleasure overwhelming. James held my legs wide, his body shimmering with perspiration and his muscles flexing as he fucked me. I was beyond screams or moans, only able to whimper as James took his excitement out on me.

“I’m going to come, little girl,” he growled and moments later I felt James swell within me and then flood me with his delicious warmth. “Fuuuck!” he screamed as he pumped me full, the excess leaking from me. Finally, I was able to scream one last time as the pleasure finally released me. James let my legs fall to the bed and caressed my thighs as we both tried to catch our breath. James began to laugh and I joined him. “Damn, I didn’t think we were an old couple in need of a little spice, but that was good,” James told me.

“Were you thinking about the threesome down the hall the whole time?” I asked though I already knew the answer.

“Yeah. You were too, weren’t you, little girl?” James asked. I nodded.

“Are you kidding? That’s naughty as heck. Good for Benny,” I said. James pulled from me and for a moment, I was disappointed. However, when he lay next to me and draped his arm over my naked body, that made it all better. I had a thought and I asked, “Do you want to do that?”

“What, have a threesome?” he asked. I nodded and James told me, “I don’t know. You know I used to do stuff like that. It was fun, but I was drunk most of the time. To be honest, half the time I don’t think I was even able to get it up.”

“So it wasn’t the fantastic experience Sylvia made it out to be?” I wondered.

“There were a few times but it was a lot like the drinking. It was never enough because I wasn’t happy to begin with. The booze and the sex was just an attempt to fill a void. I don’t have a void to fill anymore. You didn’t fill it though. I did when I quit drinking and got my head straight. However, without that void, I’m able to really enjoy you. You’re all I need to be satisfied,” James told me. I reached over and stroked James’ grisly beard.

“You didn’t answer the question,” I told James. Actually, he had but I wanted a direct answer. I’m not sure why, I just did.

“Look, if you tell me you want another girl to join us, I’m not going to say no,” James said. I guess I didn’t expect any other answer. This was more about examining how I felt. When he said it, I half expected to feel a pang of jealousy but I didn’t. I loved James and trusted him. I found I’d do whatever he wanted if it made him happy.

“Well, what if I wanted another man to join us?” I asked. James cocked an eyebrow.

“If that makes you happy, you bet,” he replied without hesitation.

“Really? Hmm, I’ll have to keep my eye out,” I said. James knew I was joking. He grabbed my ribs and tickled me, making me laugh and even snort. “Stop it,” I squealed.

“I do like it when you get fired up,” James said.

“I love you too, James,” I told him.





On the plane home the next day, Benny lay on the sofa, his hat pulled over his head and snoring. As soon as he had seen me at breakfast earlier, Benny hugged me and thanked me for finding the girls. I think the gesture was genuine but designed for Tommy and Chad’s benefit too. He told me he hadn’t slept much but it was everything he would have hoped. To rub it in further, I told Benny James and I had enjoyed imagining what was going on. Chad shook his head but Tommy was more vocal.

“Shut up. You’re all jerks,” Tommy complained. James, Benny and I all laughed. The shoe was on the other foot for once and Tommy and Chad weren’t used to it.

“No, you shut up. Take it like men,” I replied playfully.

“I’ve never really liked you, Si,” Tommy told me but he couldn’t help but smile.

“Be nice or I’ll tell Josie you’re being mean and she’ll cut you off,” I told Tommy. Chad seemed hesitant to join the fray though I think he was enjoying it.

“I give. I know she’ll do it,” Tommy said. We all laughed. We had to wake Benny up once we landed he was sleeping so soundly. We said our goodbyes as we went to our vehicles, for a few days anyway until the next string of shows. James and I got into his big, black truck and headed to Malibu. I took the opportunity to voice my concerns about the tabloids and the effect of not denying the allegations.

BOOK: Rock Hard Bliss - the Finale
13.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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