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“It’s been far too long since you’ve properly tickled me with that beard, Mr. Turner. You want me to ride you’re cock, you’d better take care of business,” I told him.

“I went down on you for like half an hour the other night,” James protested.

“Details. Just get it done,” I teased as I climbed into the bed. James grabbed me, threw me down and tickled me. I squealed as he did, but only for a moment. James settled between my legs and moved his head so his beard brushed against my bare mound. God, I loved that. James followed that with his tongue and lips. Soon he had me on the edge but instead of giving me the orgasm I needed, James slowed and tormented me. “James, stop messing around,” I complained. He smiled up at me with his eyes but continued at his slow, aggravating pace.

“You want to come, you need to ride my cock, little girl,” he told me after a few more deliciously exasperating moments.

“Fine!” I said in mock annoyance. “I suppose if that’s what I need to do, I’ll do it,” I told James. I sat up, James took my place on the bed and then I straddled him. However, I didn’t impale myself on his thick shaft right away. Instead, I let his cock nestle between my ass cheeks, reached between my legs and began pleasuring my hot, little clit. I brought myself to a quick and satisfying orgasm, embellishing just a little for James’ benefit.

“So, that’s how you want to play?” James said and suddenly I found myself on my back and James’ cock inches from my steamy tunnel.

“I wanted you to do all the work anyway,” I said as I reached between my thighs, gripped his thick shaft and guided James into me. He laughed as his hard flesh sank between my soft folds and into my wet pussy. As usual, James stretched me wide as he filled me. Damn, he as so big and thick. I couldn’t get enough. James hovered over me, his arms holding himself aloft. I caressed his muscular, tattooed arms as James built up a head of steam. Soon my body shook with each thrust and I felt a deeper and much more satisfying orgasm build.

For a moment, I resisted the urge but not for long. As the pleasure sought release, I gave in and let the torrid sensations wash over me. I dragged my nails down James’ back as I endured the wondrous climax, panting and moaning. James growled as he watched me come beneath him. I wasn’t embellishing now as I writhed and clutched at James. Another even more powerful orgasm took me. The wicked spasms coursed through me and I found myself screaming, “Harder, James, harder!”

James dug deep and found the strength and stamina to grant my wish. He slammed into me with an urgency I’d rarely felt. The stress and frustration of our mutual situation had found release. I wailed and climaxed repeatedly as James jackhammered into me with every ounce of strength he had to give. I lost count of my orgasms, but each was more powerful than the last. I fought for breath as James growled and groaned with the effort required. I had gotten what I needed, now it was his turn. “Come for me. Make a mess of me,” I managed to say just as another climax slammed into me with such force I couldn’t even scream.

James continued as I rode out my last orgasm, a deeply satisfying climax that left me gasping and shaking. Then suddenly, he pulled from me and I found the strength to reach out and take his cock in my hand. I stroked him and James exploded. His orgasm covered my torso, dripping down between my thighs and yet it kept coming. James arched and finally roared as the last of his orgasm oozed from his throbbing cock. He looked down, my belly covered in his thick, white seed, and laughed. I joined him as I pulled him down on top of me, kissing him and holding him tight.





We drove home the next morning, eating breakfast on the road. I felt better. We’d ventured out into the wider world beyond the gates of the house and survived. Maybe this was all just a precaution as Phil had told us. Better safe than sorry. I mean, was Victoria really so bent on revenge that she would attempt to harm us? I wondered at first but now I felt as if all this security might be just a bit much. I wasn’t going to send the guards packing, but I didn’t want to feel trapped either.

We unpacked after arriving back home and went about our business until one of the guards knocked on the front door. I went to get it and as I expected he greeted me with a handful of mail. I thanked him and went to the office where James was playing a game on his tablet. I went through the stack until I came across a letter from Phil. I opened it and started to read the letter, stopping after the first few sentences. “James, come read this!” I exclaimed. James joined me on the sofa and we read it together.


Dear James and Simone:


I’ve left this with a confidant with instructions to mail it if I didn’t check in. If you’re reading this, something bad has happened to me or I’ve been forced to go underground. I’ve found the reason Victoria is so bent on destroying you. She sees you as a threat to herself. Roland Talent is all but bankrupt. Victoria has been siphoning funds from the company for several years and she fears that Simone and Peter pose a threat to the business.

The talent she represents is all that is keeping her afloat. If you were to take any of that away, as you’ve indicated you might, the company wouldn’t last long. She counts on those clients to not only pay the bills, but to support her lifestyle. You should receive a package of documents that proves Victoria has been embezzling from Roland Talent, that she and Sylvia are lying about the assault charges and that she falsified the charges made against Simone to the Talent Agent licensing board.

But it goes deeper. Victoria is lovers with someone high up at the record label. They are working together behind the scenes to negotiate contracts that are advantageous to both the record label and Victoria. They have been colluding to defraud artists and Victoria has been the beneficiary. Beware! If you are reading this I could be dead. Victoria will do anything to protect her position, I am sure. Take this information to the police and don’t let your guard down.




Phillip Malone

Private Investigator


“James?” I was all I could say.

“Holy shit! I knew she was doing deals that were in her interest but I had no idea it was this deep,” James said and went to his desk.

“Why would she do anything to Phil?” I asked as reality set in.

“He found out. Vicky’s been stealing from her clients. She’s been breaking the law. This isn’t so much about The Fraulein’s extravagant lifestyle, this is about her going to prison and for a long time,” James explained though Phil’s letter had said as much. James pulled a black handgun from his drawer, checked the magazine and pulled back the slide loading the weapon. James came over to me. “You know how to use one of these?” he asked.

“Yes, but why?” I replied. I was from Idaho after all. Guns were a part of the way of life up there. My dad taught me to shoot when I was a kid.

“You might need it. I’ve got another upstairs. Keep it on you at all times,” James said. Was this really happening? Was Phil really dead and Vicky a desperate criminal?

“James, do you think Phil is OK?” I wondered.

“I hope so. Maybe he’s in hiding,” James said and it sounded as if he was trying to convince himself as much as he was me. Vicky was trying to destroy us and we kept fighting. If Battery had simply hired another agency, this probably wouldn’t be happening. Instead, they hired me, I tried to get licensed and we opened up an office. We had made it known we were going to lure clients away. That had changed after Sylvia betrayed James and the tabloids had run the picture of that woman kissing me. The plan of taking Roland talent away went from being a vague idea in James’ head to reality and we had others involved.

Just then, James’ phone rang. I must’ve jumped three feet in the air. “Were safe here, little girl. Relax,” James told me and answered the call. I smiled at him. We had four armed guards, a high wall and a big metal gate. James talked for a minute and then set this phone on the desk and put us on speaker. “Tell Simone what you just told me, Frank,” James said. Frank was his broker.

“The well is dry. Victoria is on to you guys. She’s been buying stock but she doesn’t have enough to control the company. Unfortunately, neither do we,” Frank said.

“Well, where’s the rest?” James asked.

“I don’t know. I do know Victoria cashed out her employees to get…,” Frank said and I cut him off.

“Peter! Peter has it,” I said. James looked at me and smiled.

“Who’s Peter?” Frank asked.

“He’s a former employee. He quit the company and works for us now,” James explained.

“Well, get that stock. He could own almost two percent, enough to put Victoria or you in firm control of a majority share,” Frank told us.

“We’re on it, thanks buddy!” James said and hung up.

“James, if we figured it out, so has Victoria,” I said but he was already dialing.

“Chuck, this is James. I need you to send some of your guys over to our offices in Ventura and to Pete McMillan’s house. I’ll text you the address,” James said and then added, “Bring Pete to my house ASAP. Thanks, man!” I hoped we were faster than Vicky was. Luckily, we were. Pete was dropped off a couple of hours later at the house bewildered and shaken. We showed him the letter from Phil and told him his family was being guarded.

“Holy shit! I had no idea. So how am I involved?” Peter asked.

“Do you still own the stock in Roland you received when you worked there?” I asked him.

“Yeah, why?” Peter asked even more confused now.

“We have a group of investors that are attempting to take over the company, that’s why,” James told him. Pete looked perplexed for a moment but then a light bulb went off.

“And you need my stock, right?” he asked and James and I both nodded. “It’s yours!” Peter told us.

“No, you keep it. You just have to vote with us to replace The Fraulein,” James told us.

“So that’s why the men in black. Victoria knows I have it, doesn’t she?” Peter asked.

“Yeah, probably. She bought out what the company had given the other employees but you’re not there and you worked there for a long time,” I told him.

“I bought more than I was given by the company too. I did it back when Samuel was alive and the company was doing well. My family is safe?” he asked.

“Yes, there’s a small army over there watching them but they won’t alarm your family if they can help it,” James answered. We filled Peter in on the details and sent him home with a guard. He was eager to join us and take over Roland. He had worked a good long time for Samuel Roland and hated to see what Vicky was doing to the agency. With Peter’s stock we had just a hair over fifty-one percent of the stock in the company now. We had control now, we just had to exercise it. Something told me, however, that taking the company wouldn’t put an end to all of this.


James and I marched into the Roland Talent board meeting the next day. Vinnie and Christie were with us. Blade and Rence couldn’t make it but we didn’t need them. Ernest, James’ lawyer, had set up proxies that enabled James to vote on the other members’ behalf. Peter’s was hastily added overnight. That gave us control. Victoria, besides a few outstanding stocks here and there, held the remainder. The board members held none. They had been appointed in the past and were about to be fired along with Victoria.

“So, you think you’ve won, I suppose?” Vicky greeted us as we entered the boardroom at Roland. The same room I met James in for the first time.

“I speak for 51.2% of the stockholders, Vicky. You still own a significant portion of the company but we have the controlling interest,” James told her. Vicky looked as if she could spit fire. However, James wasn’t done. “I’m relieving the board of their duties effective immediately. Get out,” James told the other people in the room. They weren’t sure what to think but they eventually accepted the reality of the situation and left. James and I were alone in the room with Vicky, Vinnie and Christie.

“I suppose I’m fired also?” she said as much as asked.

“You bet your saggy ass, grandma,” James told her. Vicky’s eyes flared but she remained in control of herself. “There’s more though. We know what you’ve been doing and we have evidence. Here’s the deal. You get my lovely ex-wife to drop the charges and make a full public apology. She’ll likely face charges for making false accusations but that’s her problem. You sell my group your shares in Roland and call off your dogs,” James told her.

“Or what, you’ll go to the police with that made up evidence?” Vicky asked. I looked at James and I saw concern in his face. Just then the door to the boardroom opened. Phil and another woman walked in and stood with Vicky.

“You chose poorly when you hired your private investigator, Mr. Turner,” Phil announced. This wasn’t good.

“Looks like I’ve got you by the balls, James. I think you know, Emma,” Vicky said. I was confused. Who was Emma and if the evidence was phony, why was Vicky doing this? James looked devastated.

“Are you even lovers?” James asked.

“Oh that part is true. Emma and I make a good team. I find female companionship so much more stimulating. In any case, Emma has an ironclad contract with Battery. You owe her a record and she has to approve of the content. If she disapproves, your album never gets made and you never satisfy the contract. We own you and your horrid band, James,” Vicky said. James was white and I finally understood. Emma was the CEO of Battery’s record label and apparently in bed with Vicky, literately and figuratively.

Vinnie stood quietly shaking his head. Christie looked as if she was about to cry. We had in fact taken control of the company and Vicky had likely known about the take over all along. Now her lover, Emma, had Battery’s fate in her hands. Still, I didn’t understand why she had done all of this.

“I’ve always hated you and your terrible band. You’re a smug, conceited hack, James Turner. All of you,” Victoria said pointing at Vinnie and Christie. “And you, you little bitch. Who do you think you are? You’re nobody, a hick from Iowa or Indiana or some such backwater that will never amount to anything in this town. I’m Victoria Roland. You can have my father’s company. I’ve nearly bankrupted it anyway. It wasn’t the stock that made me wealthy. It was the generous, and legal, contracts with Emma that lined my pockets. Fuck you, James Turner. Rot in hell,” she said.

BOOK: Rock Hard Bliss - the Finale
9.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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