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However, that was just one part of the equation. Victoria had divested herself of Roland stock as soon as she informed us of her plans and then made sure the markets knew the financial status of the company. The stock price hit the floor but that allowed James to purchase all of it for a song. Now James and our group of investors owned Roland Talent almost outright. Nevertheless, the company, while functioning, was on shaky ground. James and I, along with the rest of the band, Christie and Vinnie, were scheduled to speak to the press that afternoon and set things right.

The press conference was to be held at Roland’s offices. Peter had arranged all of it and had promised a major surprise to whip up excitement. It worked. The press was there in force when we arrived. This was James’ show but the rest of us stood behind him to lend support. The group of owners, James and the band, Christie, Vinnie, Rence and Blade, not to mention, Peter, had been informed of what James was about to say. I won’t say they were all enthusiastic about what had happened, but they all pledged their support.

“Thanks for coming. As you know, Roland Talent has seen some upheaval over the last few days. The previous majority owner, the daughter of the great Samuel Roland, has sold her interest in the company. She has revealed the company is on shaky ground and that there was a hostile takeover. I’m here to announce that now Roland Talent has new owners and a new direction. Along with my partners behind me and others who couldn’t be here, I am happy to announce that Roland Talent is in good hands. Samuel Roland ran this company with the artists in mind. Now Roland is being run by artists and we promise to return Roland Talent to its former glory,” James told the gathering of reporters. I didn’t miss the fact James had failed to mention The Fraulein by name, but he wasn’t finished.

“From this point forward, Roland talent will exist to serve the artist. We are here to serve the needs of our clients. Through that promise, Roland Talent will thrive alongside those that we represent just as the company did when Samuel Roland ran the agency. In that vein, I want to introduce the person that will lead the company as CEO,” James said and though we hadn’t discussed it in detail since everything happened, I assumed he was about to say my name. I was wrong, however. “I’m happy to name Peter McMillan as the new CEO of Roland Talent. He was trained under Samuel and he will bring back the same principles that made Roland Talent the best agency in the business.”

I looked at Peter, who looked to be as surprised as I was by the announcement. Then I looked at James. What was he doing? I thought he trusted me to do this. I just didn’t understand. James put his arm around Peter and dragged him front and center. Cameras flashed and the entertainment reporters clamored to get a quote from the new CEO. I looked on, hurt and disbelieving. James left Peter to the wolves and turned to face me.

“I couldn’t do it,” he began and I thought I knew what he was going to say but James surprised me. “I couldn’t make you CEO and lose you. I want, no, I need you by my side. This is a huge undertaking and you’d have to be here all the time. I couldn’t handle that, little girl. We make a fantastic team. I need you by my side, as my partner, my lover and my friend. I admit it, I’m selfish. Don’t be mad at me,” James told me. I started to cry as I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him.

“You and your damned dramatic flair,” I said as James hugged me back and lifted me off the ground. I looked at James and he stared into my eyes.

“I didn’t plan this. I was going to name you CEO like we’d talked about but at the last second, I went with my heart,” James said. I kissed him. I’d give up everything to be by James’ side, including running Roland Talent. James lowered me to the ground and then stood next to me with his arms draped over my shoulder. The band and our partners were congratulating Peter as the press looked on. They may have trusted me but they all knew Peter and the more I thought about it, the more I know James had made the right decision.

Peter was the obvious choice. Samuel had groomed Peter and he had the perfect mix of business savvy and compassion. I knew I could have done a good job, but Peter would be even better. Peter turned to us looking slightly dumbfounded but he seemed to have slipped right into his new role. “I thought…,” he began to say but didn’t finish. He was as surprised at this as I was.

“Sorry, Pete. I need this little girl by my side. You need to step up. You’ll do a great job. You’re the second best agent I’ve ever had,” James said and we both knew James considered me number one.

“I’m speechless. I’ll do my best. I’ll make you and everyone else proud, I promise. Are you OK, Simone?” Peter asked after he assured James he was ready to take on the job.

“I’m so happy for you, Peter. You so deserve this. You’ll be awesome,” I told him. He smiled at me but I hugged him instead. “Thank you, Peter. You’re a good friend and you were a great boss,” I whispered in his ear. I let him go and Peter looked slightly embarrassed but he was smiling like a fool. I was too. I felt like things just took a turn for the better. Roland was in good hands and I had no doubt the company would thrive under Peter’s leadership. Now we just had to see how the rest of this turned out.


The situation became clearer over the next few days. James and I focused on Battery’s two remaining shows as Peter began reaching out to current and former Roland clients. He informed us that he had determined many young clients had in fact signed unfavorable contracts with Emma’s record label on Victoria’s advice and they were legal, if not unethical. In Peter’s opinion, the contracts reeked of collusion between Victoria and Emma but proving such a thing in court would be difficult at best.

As it turns out, nobody had to prove anything in court. Magically, likely directly because of Phil and what he knew, it came to the attention of the board of directors at the record label that Emma may have a conflict of interest and was sleeping with the head of Roland Talent. The tabloids broke the story the next day. The Inquirer led with the headline, “Record Mogul and Disgraced Talent Maven in Torrid Lesbian Affair.” The Planet announced, “Lesbian Affair Rocks Entertainment World.” It proved to be Emma’s downfall. The affair, now public, smacked of improprieties and Emma was relieved of her position by the board at the record label.

Peter, proving his worth, jumped on the news and the record label’s board wasn’t in any mood for more bad publicity. They immediately agreed to renegotiate any contracts that might have been involved as an act of good faith, and likely to avoid being sued. Battery’s contract wasn’t one of those, having been finalized prior to Emma being named CEO, but Peter called later with good news. The record company had agreed to let Battery out of their contract. Battery no longer owed the label another album. Peter was probably as responsible for the change in heart as the fact James owned a talent agency now. In any case, Battery was free.

However, that wasn’t the end of the troubles for Vicky. The Malibu Police were surprised when Sylvia confessed she had lied about the assault and in exchange for immunity, offered to implicate the person behind her lies. We found out when Detective Foley visited James and me at the house. He advised us that the charges had been dropped and that the circumstances were under investigation. I also received a call that afternoon from Mr. Thompson at the talent agent licensing office in San Francisco about my ethics complaint. He told me that in light of certain information about the individual making the accusations against me, the complaint was no longer an issue. I knew who and what he meant though Mr. Thompson told me he couldn’t provide specifics.

Phil had been busy. I suspect he had been responsible for everything except maybe the disposition of the complaint with the licensing board. I figure he had gotten to Sylvia, maybe told her that unless she rolled over on The Fraulein, she might be the scapegoat. I don’t know for sure. Phil had his reasons, but we never heard from him directly. Plausible deniability, I suppose. It didn’t matter. James and I were free. Once Vicky’s house of cards began to fall, it fell quickly and hard. Within a week, she had been arrested for framing James and she and Emma were under investigation for fraud.

But that was just the beginning of Vicky’s problems. Apparently, she had failed to report all of the money she had received from her dealings to the Internal Revenue Service. We watched the news the day the IRS agents ransacked her home and carted off files and computers. The Malibu Police were nothing compared to what the IRS was going to do to Vicky for not paying taxes on the money she pilfered from her clients. Her arrogance knew no bounds but now she was going to pay the price for her selfish acts.

James and I spent a quiet evening, a truly quiet evening, in the hot tub overlooking the Pacific Ocean. James puffed on a big, dark cigar and we sipped sparkling water. I felt rather odd. I’d spent so many weeks under the threat of Vicky’s games that not feeling the stress any longer was strange. It felt good though. I set my glass down and curled up next to James. He placed his big, tattooed arm around me and pulled me closer.

“What are you thinking, little girl?” he asked as if he could read my thoughts.

“I’m just wondering if this is really over,” I said. James pulled the cigar from his lips.

“I was just wondering the same thing. I think so. Vicky has got herself in a bit of trouble. If she wasn’t such a vile bitch, I might feel bad for her,” James told me and I laughed.

“Yeah, I’m having a hard time generating any sympathy myself. How could a man like Samuel spawn a child like The Fraulein?” I pondered rhetorically. James looked down at me as he put the cigar back in his mouth. We sat there for a while enjoying the moment. However, it wasn’t long before I thought we might find a better way to celebrate. “We should go to bed,” I said. James pulled his cigar from his mouth and looked at me as if I was crazy. His expression changed when I began stroking him under the bubbles.

“Oh, go to bed,” he said understanding my real intent. I wiggled out from under his arm and climbed from the tub. I stood above James and let him take in my body dripping with water. James’ eyes swept up and down my body and I saw the fire in his eyes. “You’re in for it, little girl,” he said as he jumped out of the tub faster than I expected and came for me. I ran laughing towards the house as James chased me, growling and reaching for me with his big, strong hands.





I made it to the bedroom before James caught me. I threw myself on the bed and suddenly, I felt free. I felt as light as air. James appeared in the doorway, still wet from the tub and glared at me with his animal eyes. I stopped laughing. I was breathing hard from running up the stairs. My body glistened with water droplets. James began slowly approaching and I swear my pussy swelled and warmed with each step. “Come fuck me like a rock star,” I teased as James climbed onto the bed.

“No worries, little girl,” was all James said as he came to me on his knees. He stood at full attention as I rolled onto my side and began to suck his thick, hard shaft. James took my hair in his hand and helped me along as his other hand found my ass. James massaged my backside before spanking me. I cried out, though my squeal was muffled by James’ cock, and looked up at James as I greedily sucked him. “I want that ass, little girl,” James said as I pleasured him. I pulled away for a moment.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I told him and I went back to getting James ready. James towered over me as I served him. He forced himself deeper and deeper into my mouth, though I wasn’t exactly resisting. He thought he was in control but suddenly, I took James’ full length into my mouth as my lips pressed against his torso.

“Oh, you dirty whore. You look so good with my cock in your throat,” James said. I stared up into his eyes as I held him there for a moment and then let him go. I sucked on his purple crown as James leaked his salty-sweet juices into my mouth. He was incredibly excited, hard and wet, and I couldn’t wait to feel him in my back door. However, I wasn’t going to insist on anything. He’d let me know when he’d had enough. My lips slid up and down his shaft as my tongue danced along his length. James controlled the pace with the handful of my brown hair as he began to pump his hips.

Soon, James was vigorously fucking my mouth and his fingers had found their way between my ass cheeks as I lay before him. James massaged my anus as he enjoyed my warm, wet mouth. I loved it when he took control. It scared me at first, but now I enjoyed submitting to James’ whims. He never failed to leave me satisfied and letting him take the dominant role was somehow liberating. I was along for the wonderful ride as James did as he wanted. I couldn’t get enough.

James was ready to move on and pulled free of my mouth, stopping to slap his cock against my face playfully. James rolled me onto my back and pushed my legs over my head as moved between my thighs. Rather than James going down on me, he brought my hip up to him. He lifted my body and pushed me onto my shoulders as he began eating my pussy, his beard brushing against my ass. I was already worked up from servicing James and within moments, I was riding the edge of orgasm. James, however, sensed my excitement and moved south.

James began to eat my ass as he stared into my eyes. I was still on the edge of bliss, caught up in the pleasure, when James lifted his head. “Tease your pussy but don’t come yet, little girl,” he demanded.

“You’re so mean,” I replied but I gladly began rubbing my clit. I was surprised how wet I’d become, my juices flowing over my hot nub and a single droplet trickling down my tummy. James continued to prepare me and soon his tongue worked its way into me. The sensations were electric and just added to my delicious frustration. I worked my hot nub, careful not to go to crazy even though I desperately wanted let go. I knew James would let me orgasm soon enough.

James had me nearly ready as he now had a finger inside me. I was dripping wet with his saliva and I was loose and relaxed. I needed his cock and I needed it now. “Just fuck me. I need you,” I begged breathlessly. James lifted his head showing me his index finger that had been inside me. He brought his middle finger up next to it and smiled wickedly. He began to work both fingers into me and I readily accepted the welcomed intrusion. James pumped his fingers into my ass for several incredible moments as he stared at my hungrily.

BOOK: Rock Hard Bliss - the Finale
12.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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