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He stopped.

There was an audible sound of protest that came
from her lips before she called his name in a plea. "Marcus!"

"How do you feel?" he asked, worried even as he
saw she wanted him to continue.

She gave him a quick but deep kiss before
answering. "Complete."

He could not help the grin that stretched his
lips. But then, he started to move.

But it was not enough. When he began to move,
there was no describing the feeling of pleasure-beyond pleasure...
beyond bliss. He moved faster... cupping her ass with one hand as
she rocked against him, accepting his every push and grind, calling
out his name over and over. Their fury continued to build until at
last, a storm of pleasure overtook them both and pushed them to the

And then something happened.

They were surrounded by a blue light that
flashed brightly, like lightning-except that it stayed, forming an
aura around them both. Something else was happening to them as
well. As they continued to peak in their orgasm, it was much like
going back in time.

They were reliving all of their past lives

And the reason why they had felt so familiar
with each other was revealed.

IT WAS because together, Marcus and Lola had
lived many lifetimes, managing to find each other even in dire

They saw in those rapid-fire visions lifetimes
of unmatched happiness with each other, as well as enough tears to
fill an ocean when they lost one another to death and pestilence.
Their cries of pleasure mingled together with cries of shock. Their
love, that one gift that tied them to each other, transcended even

So now they knew why they felt that they
belonged together.

When those moments of revelation passed, Marcus
and Lola laid together trembling, holding on to each other and
feeling overwhelmed with the deluge of emotions. They could not
stop touching each other, looking at each other's faces, crying and
declaring love once again, and making sure each was really there,
and alive, and was

They had not been together for
decades-literally. It took that long a time before they could be
born again. To find each other again.

Soul mates.

And it all started with that one kiss. They both
knew it now. Once it started, there was no going back. It was what
would always start the magical process of re-connection.

Lola finally looked at Marcus in the moonlight
that was shining into the bedroom. Both their eyes had become
swollen because of their tears. But no faces could be happier on
earth. No eyes could exude more bliss.

"So will you come back to New York with me? Meet
with The Council? I have a feeling they can answer all your
questions about your life in this lifetime, or about your family,"
Lola stated. For some reason, they remembered everything about
their lifetimes together, but he still could not remember his past
in this life.

"Yes, my love. Of course, I'll go with you. I...
I want to know more about what I'm supposed to be doing in this
lifetime. And..." he sighed, "I don't want to ever let you out of
my sight again!"

Lola smiled at him and shivered as a bit of
chill in the room hit her. Without even thinking about it, Marcus
raised his hand in the direction of the fireplace in that room.

Instantly, it caught flame and started burning

He had such an astounded look on his face that
Lola could not help but laugh.

"I can always start a fire, but not like that.
Not like that again, not in this lifetime."

"You've regained your full powers now that were
back together," she stated the obvious.

He was looking at his hand. "It will take a lot
of getting used to. It's been a long time."

Then he gathered her in his arms. "Did it hurt?"
he whispered. He did not remember yet when he realized he was a
virgin, but although he paused there was no question then that he
was going to marry her. He did not even think of stopping. They had
not remembered yet, but he knew already that this woman was

Now that they were remembering, he knew he's
always possessed the gift of her virginity. This was has always
been his, every time they met in their past lifetimes.

She shook her head. "The pleasure was too much.
I couldn't even call that painful."

Marcus sighed deeply. "It won't hurt as much

"Really? You're going to wait 'til then?" she
asked naughtily.

"Oh you're still as lustful as ever, Lola!" he

Lola nuzzled his neck. "Only for you, my love,"
she whispered, before she raised her chin for his kiss.

ONE WEEK later...

"So Marcus, this is why we had Lola come to find
you and bring you here before us. Not only do you need to know
things about this lifetime, but you and Lola are Soulmates. The
only way that you would ever have regained your powers was if she
found you and the two of you remembered your past lives. Yours is a
love that is meant to be forever. Not everyone is special enough to
have the gift of reclaiming their soul mates each lifetime. Take
this gift and appreciate it. When you're ready, Marcus, come to us
with your questions. We have all of the answers you seek."

Those words were echoing in Marcus' head as he
and Lola left the audience with The Council, their arms around each
other. It had been a long week, what with them already making
wedding plans so it would seem more normal for everyone else.

Sable was waiting for them outside with a huge
smile on her face.

"You knew this all along, didn't you, Mother?"
Lola asked.

"I suspected, but of course, I didn't say
anything, darling! I wasn't going to give away such a huge

"Not to mention that you were forbidden to tell
me," Lola said dryly.

Sable shrugged her shoulders. "What does it
matter? The two of you are back together and I think it's
wonderful! Now, let's go get your father for that dinner with the
wedding organizers. I'm sure he's going to be simply thrilled!"

Lola and Marcus exchanged a look and then they
all laughed as they walked underneath a streetlight that burned
much brighter just for that moment...

~ ~ ~

The End

~ ~ ~

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new apartment.

Moving was never easy, but she had done it so
many times now that it was becoming somewhat of a routine. However,
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a private and specially decorated area. No one had to know that her
information came from sources that had nothing to do with the
Tarot. She had been playing that off for years so that people
didn't become afraid of her and her abilities.

Well, Devon thought. I can't just sit here
daydreaming. I've got to get busy. Her electricity, water, and
landline phone were all turned on and she could now stay here. The
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One thing at a time, she thought. She got up and started to do some
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This is going to be amazing, Devon thought. Dan
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depressed right now. She went into her sunny kitchen and grabbed a
diet soda from the refrigerator. Stocking the refrigerator had been
something she had had the foresight to do. She would get her bed
set up and at least be able to eat something in her own home

Just as she popped the top on the soda, her
phone rang. Startled, she nearly spit out her swallow of diet coke.
It had to be a wrong number, she thought as she went back into the
living room to answer the phone. Picking up the phone, she said a
cautious but cheery "Hello." At first, no one said anything.

"Hi, is anyone there?" Devon said.

"Hi," a deep male voice said. "I guess I must
have the wrong number. I was trying to get in touch with Dan, but
you're obviously not him."

"Dan?" A little unpleasant shock ran through
Devon's body. "How do you know Dan?" "Hey, I'm really sorry for
bothering you."

Before she could say anything else, her caller
had hung up. She checked the caller ID and saw Unknown Number
registered there. How odd, she thought. There wasn't enough time
left to dwell on it, though, because at that moment, the movers
pulled up. She was distracted for the next couple of hours with
supervising the unloading of her furniture and boxes of things.

As she had promised herself, Devon got her bed
set up and a path cleared so that she could eat a simple dinner in
her very own kitchen. She nibbled on a salad and an avocado and
bacon sandwich when she remembered the odd phone call from earlier.
That really had to be a coincidence, she thought. It did make her
miss Dan even more than ever. That feeling was especially bad at
night. She tended to remember the way he used to make her body
absolutely sing with pleasure. No man had ever been able to do that
for her before or since. In fact, Devon was pretty much afraid that
she would never meet another man that would do that to her.

BOOK: Soul Mates Kiss
6.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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