Sytravious: The Lost Warlock Of Moruz (The Oathbreaker Book 1)

BOOK: Sytravious: The Lost Warlock Of Moruz (The Oathbreaker Book 1)
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This book is dedicated to the ones who believed in me, who pushed me to realize my dream, turning a thought into an amazing story.

To my brother Jonathan
: My muse, my inspiration. Your vision planted the seeds to get this project started, and it has been an honor to turn that vision into this novel. Your story has only just begun, and I look forward to our journey bringing Sytravious to life.

To my editor Yasmeen
: Your dedication and sacrifice making these words come to life were priceless, and I can never truly thank you enough. I am beyond blessed to have such a talent in my circle, and I look forward to the next chapter on our journey together with Sytravious.

To my mother Shirley:
Thank you for always encouraging my imagination from the moment I could fathom it. Without your constant encouragement, I would not be the man I am today. I can only hope and dream to repay you with this book’s success. I love you.

To my loving wife Maryann
: Thank you for helping me realize my potential, for refusing to let me give up on myself. You pushed me to chase my dreams, and made me believe in myself when I felt lost. I love you more than you will ever know, and you will always be my Raiven.












Book one of the Chronicles of Ode-Veca

From the records of the Stratus Campaign

Year 3


Entry #397- Year 4017


Earth is indeed a dreadful lump of rock.  The relentless cold rain continues to pulse through the gusting wind.  The cold bite in the air has stolen all the comforts that camp once provided, and perhaps even a bit of our souls as well; a dour concession to the enemy.  The war is in its final campaign, yet in truth, I do not feel the slightest bit of hope.  Apathy has begun to devour us all.  What could possibly come from this but darkness?  Regardless of allegiance, the war of Ode-Veca has defeated us all."

              “As you are reading this you may wonder, ‘How did it all begin?’, but how can I properly start such a dreadful story?  ‘Once upon a time’ would be rather inappropriate, for this is no storybook and there is no ‘happily ever after’.  It is said that every man hopes and seeks to witness something incredibly great and unbelievably shocking in his lifetime, so that he may share it with the masses.  The ability to pass on history, perhaps even legends can make that man part of something far greater than himself.”

              “Though I have been fortunate enough to witness such historically defining moments twice in my life, I find I am only left with memories that weigh on me; memories of heartache, betrayal, and pain.  How can I even possibly begin to give these two stories justice?  What words can I use to capture the painful truth of these tales?  As I dredge up these memories, I can only beg the pardon of all involved and hope that my words measure up to the legends of whom I speak.  For their mark in the realms will be forever spoken of and remembered for eternity.  No sacrifice was greater, no war fought harder, and no love more felt than the kinds that were formed in this story.  Please know I speak the truth not for your entertainment, but because this history must be told.”

              “Now let us start from the very beginning.”


North Eastern Moruz

Year 1115


yxseous inhaled the cold night air.  It would not be long before he sent the Supreme Warlock after her, and she knew it would be impossible for her to travel this way.  She stopped and assessed the wound, before deciding to tug the halberd from her shoulder.  Blood surged from the wound, but that is not what concerned her.  She looked down the front of her robe to check on her unborn baby.  Across her belly was black ominous pattern that spread across her skin, undoubtedly a result of the magic.  The terror she felt intensified the longer she stared at her abdomen.  Nyxseous knew there was only one solution for them now.  She held on to the bloody weapon and began the dreaded journey in the darkness of the night, careful to avoid anyone as she treaded through the wilderness. 

Once she arrived at Mount Oblis, she hid in the shadows.  Due to his jealous fear, Lord Fheng had always made sure to have sentries guarding the entrance of the mountain.  Knowing her body would not last long in this condition, the young witch assessed the situation before vanishing into the shadows.  She emerged behind the first sentry.  He did not even have time to gasp before the blade of her halberd pierced through his armor.  She yanked the staff backwards, sliding the weapon out of the man’s body. 

Without a second thought, she engulfed the halberd in an enchanted black flame.  The hot dragonite steel glowed in the darkness.  She threw the weapon straight through the second sentry’s throat.  His head fell to the floor.  The thud of his body followed.  Blood spurted on the ground, forming a dark puddle beneath the corpse.  She leaned over to pick up her blazing weapon.  Nyxseous looked up at the labyrinthine path leading into the mountain and took solace in the fact that she possessed unique knowledge unknown to others.  This information would lead her to the only safety for her child: the tomb of Oblis.  Desperate for the welfare of her baby, she pursued the path ahead.

              The deeper she ventured into the mountain, the hotter and more stifling the air became.  Nyxseous pressed on, pushing through her throbbing pains.  She was determined to reach the end.  After following various twists and turns in the maze, the stairway emerged.  She stumbled down what seemed to be a never-ending flight of steps.  The witch ran her hand over the wall as she began to sob out of frustration.  Nyxseous was confused.  It felt as if she had been on this journey for an eternity.  She should have made it by now. 

              She began weeping and sank to her knees.  Tears trickled onto her robe, which clung to her body in a sticky mess of sweat and blood.  She was weeping when she felt a strange chill up her spine.  The atmosphere surrounding her became cold, contrary to what she had just felt moments ago.  She sensed something was awry, and held her breath, gritting her teeth in terror.  The air around her seemed to be moving with life when an unsettling disembodied voice whispered into her ear.


“Venture forward if you dare.”


              Without warning, the wall next to her shifted, revealing a small opening.  She paused to suck in a deep breath in, tightened her grip on her halberd, and managed to squeeze herself through the hole.  Upon entering the tomb, she coughed, realizing it reeked of rotting meat.  Across the crypt, she could see a glowing light that came from a large fire burning in a distance.  To reach the flames she would have to walk several hundred feet across a very narrow walkway that appeared to be floating over an abyss of emptiness.  She covered her mouth and nose with her hand, in an attempt to discount the repulsive smell that surrounded her.  Nyxseous continued on, she would not let anything deter her after she had come this far.  Crossing the walkway felt like it took ages.  When she reached the end of the path, a voice rumbled around her.


              “Come closer.”


              She desperately looked around her, unable to identify the source.  The heat from the fire began to prickle her delicate skin, and her body began to sweat more the closer she got to the fire.  Nyxseous squinted through the vivid flames as she began to see a massive horned figure emerge.  His curved horns spanned over ten feet in each direction, and his blood colored eyes blazed with malevolence.  The massive creature punched his fists into the ground in front of her, letting out a deafening roar. 

              As much as she wanted to shut her eyes in fear, Oblis also captivated her.  She stared at every unique detail of the impressive being, from his sharp decaying teeth, pale gray skin, and powerful physique, to his smoke-like wings, created with agonized souls screaming for mercy.  Expended, she fell to her knees in front of him.  It was then she noticed that solid, glowing chains bound his enormous wrists. 

As the horrifying monster let his roar die out, he fixed his chilling gaze upon the woman.  “Why have you dared enter my lair young witch?  Are you so desperate to be devoured?”

              Nyxseous trembled with fear.  She did not know what she had gotten herself into, but she knew even though she was petrified, that this was her best bet.  It took all her courage to not cry out in fear and flee.  Instead, she stared down at the ground in front of her, and managed to summon her voice to respond.

              “You may devour me now if you wish, I am as good as dead anyway.  However, it will benefit both of us if you would just hear my plea for revenge against a man who attempted to murder an innocent.”

              “Why would I bother assisting you in such revenge?  You speak nothing but lies.  I can sense your soul is dark and corrupt.  You are no innocent.”

              When Nyxseous looked up, she saw him sneering and licking his rotting teeth in anticipation.  “Wait, great one!  You are correct in saying my soul is corrupt, but I can offer you something precious that can free you from this prison you suffer in.”

              “Free me from these chains?  You cannot.  You must be aware that very pure and powerful magic trapped me here over a thousand years ago.  Nothing you could ever produce would be able to challenge this spell.  It is not within your abilities.  While I admire your courage in coming all the way down here with irrational negotiations, I must tear your flesh from the bone, my lady.” 

              Oblis reached out with his gigantic hand, revealing rough black claws, and snatched her up.  Nyxseous felt the pressure crushing her body, squeezing the air from her lungs.  With the last breath, she rasped out in desperation, “I may not possess the necessary purity, great jinn, but my unborn child does!”

              With those words, she felt his hold slacken when he opened up his hand.  Oblis paused and raised an eyebrow.  She sucked deep breath into her lungs, and was relieved she had managed to catch his attention.  Fearful that he would change his mind, she raised her robes to show him her protruding abdomen, which is when Nyxseous realized her condition had worsened.  A black discoloration covered her entire belly.

              “I now see why you have foolishly come here.  Now hurry and explain your plan before I change my mind!”

              Knowing she had a few more moments to live, even if it was only so she could appeal to the jinn, gave her a bit of strength.  She covered her body, and sat up in the creature’s coarse palm.  She now spoke with more confidence in her voice because she knew what her plan would interest to the imprisoned jinn.

              “Well, you were trapped here with pure magic.  This is a fact known by any wise and trained warlock or witch in Moruz.  I also know the purity of a child’s soul is what traps you here, and it is the purity of a child’s soul that can release you.  As you can see, the baby’s father, Lord Fheng, has mortally wounded me.  If you save our lives, and do not let us die here tonight, I will dedicate and swear my baby’s soul to you right here.  What could be more pure than a baby’s soul?  With the formation of the blood oath, you will then possess the power to free yourself.”

              “But first, please spare my child and allow it the time to exact revenge on its murderous father!” she shouted with the last remaining strength she had. 

              “Fheng?”  Oblis smirked, exposing his decomposing gums.  It was clear that the mention of his name had sparked some sort of ache for vengeance in the monster.  “Yes, your baby shall live.  I will grant him the time needed to execute his revenge.  However, know this, once Fheng meets his demise at the hands of this child, its soul will be mine.  At that time, it must return here immediately.  If it delays its return, my patience will dissipate and as a result, I will hunt down both of you so that I can spend an eternity punishing you for your defiance.  Do you understand and agree to my terms?”

              After a brief moment of consideration, she answered, “I understand great jinn, and I agree to the terms we have discussed.  The child will carry out the retaliation and then return to you.”  Resolve emblazoned in her eyes as she realized the severity of what she had agreed to.

BOOK: Sytravious: The Lost Warlock Of Moruz (The Oathbreaker Book 1)
5.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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