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"Really Delia, a turtleneck, could you be any more drab?"

That came from Joann or Celine’s puppet as I liked to think of her.

I looked to the father the sap to see if he would at least attempt to come to his youngest daughter's defense but nope, nothing, not a peep, whipped dog motherfucker. I was gonna enjoy what I had in store for this bunch.

My family said nothing but I could feel the disapproval coming off of them in waves.

"Come sit with me Delia, I want to tell you about that new designer I found."

Paulina to the rescue, I know my little sister has a soft spot for my girl, though she could barely tolerate Celine, which made her mad as fuck, in fact I was pretty sure my whole family felt the same way. That should've been a sure sign for me but I was either asleep at the wheel the day we met or the bitch was a first class actress, knowing what I know now I think it was a bit of both.

Delia made her way slowly around the table to Paulina's side, head still down. I hated that shit. She was only supposed to be submissive to me preferably when she was under me.

I wanted to tell them all to go fuck themselves and leave her the fuck alone and then get her the fuck outta there.

"You're wasting your time Paulina she wouldn't know fashion if it walked up and bit her."

The smarmy bitch turned up her nose, I'd had enough.


"What, why must you always defend her?" She was huffy, careful Chase you don't want to give anything away, not yet.

"Because she's defenseless, now knock it off."

She was a little pissy because I brushed off her advances this morning after leaving Delia's bed, not even if it was lined with gold bitch, I couldn't wait to get this piece of shit out of my life for good.

Chapter 3





  Brunch was a fucking trial, the fact that I didn't bitch slap Celine was a minor miracle. I tried to get the fuck away from her as fast as I could afterwards but she cornered me.

"Chase, why does it seem like you've been avoiding me since we got here?"

Did she always use to whine like this, where the fuck have I been under a rock what the fuck?

"I already told you why Celine, the wedding will be soon enough, just a couple more days."

I gave her what I hoped was a reassuring smile but felt like I was hiding constipation to me.

"But it's been months already, couldn't we just, you know....?" she gave me her come hither smile, fucking anaconda bitch. I thought I was gonna be sick.


"No can do babes plus I have to go see about things for tonight all your friends are going to be there, don't want anything to go wrong."

I knew that would do the trick, the vain bitch was more interested in what her friends thought of the table decorations than she was in my dick.

What had I ever seen in this girl for real though, was I fucking stupid or something, I mean she had a good act going, but when I took the time to look beneath the surface it wasn't too hard to see what she was. 

I got the fuck away from her and headed for the garage to collect one of my cars, I was feeling fast and furious so I went with the Aventador.

I texted my girl on the way down the driveway letting her know I needed to see her and where, my condo in the city would do nicely for what I had in mind.

I had no doubt that she would obey me, she didn't too much like the consequences when she didn't, a hard fucking was the least of her worries.

She got there twenty minutes after I did.

"What took you so long?" I had my hand on her chin and not too gently either.

"Paulina..." I kissed her hard.

"I don't care who the fuck you're with or what the fuck you're doing, when I call you come got it? Now don't let that shit happen again."

I pushed her against the wall and caught her bottom lip between my teeth, then pushed the turtleneck up and off of her. Good my love bites were coming along nicely, too bad she had to hide them for a while yet.

I rubbed my engorged cock against her middle while undoing her jeans.

"What did I tell you about easy access, you know I hate these fucking things, from now on whenever you're around me it's skirts and dresses only I don't care if they're long, short or in between hear me?"

"Yes." there was no attitude whatsoever in that reply, she was already heated up, good I didn't feel like going through her guilty spiel right now.

"Hands against the wall."

She turned and did as ordered, I ran my tongue from the top of her ass to her nape, where I bit her again leaving my mark.

"Spread......wider.....good girl."

I drove home without warning, her cervix opened to accept me, I didn't need to be there anymore though since my seed had already taken root so I pulled back.

"Cock that ass the way you know I like."

She arched her back deeper, sending me way deep inside her pussy, I grabbed on to both breasts, again not too gently, pulling and pinching on her nipples which were hard as fuck as I plowed into her from behind, my teeth attached to her neck like a pit bull.

Slap...slap..slap., that 's all that could be heard as I pummeled her like a mad man, I was gonna make this up to her so I didn't let guilt at taking out my anger and frustration on her stop me, besides she loved it rough.

She was pushing back against me taking my dick her little hands folded against the wall, her ass was driving me insane, so pert and firm and just fucking perfect. I smacked it and she creamed all over me.

"You like that huh." I brought my hand down on her other cheek hard, same results, fuck when was I going to get enough of her sweet pussy, five hours before my rehearsal dinner and I was here in her pussy instead of with my wife to be.

I made her cum hard before emptying myself in her womb.

"Tonight I want you to stay close to my family."

"But I have to stay close to Celine and her bridesmaids and stuff."

"Did she put you in her wedding party?" I already knew the answer to that, the jealous bitch.

My baby girl hung her head in misery shaking it in the negative.

"Why not again? I can't remember the reason she gave me."

Yeah I did but I knew it was a bullshit lie, there's no way my little girl told her she didn't want to be in the wedding, and even if she had Celine would never have taken no for an answer.

"All the other girls are blonde...."

Yet another reason to hate that stupid cunt. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her tenderly.

"You don't need to hang with them then, stick close to mom and dad and Drew and Paulina."

"But why...?" She looked confused.

"Don't question, just do, you drove your piece of shit truck here?" 

"Uh huh."

That shit burned me the fuck up, Celine drove a brand new BMW that I'm sure they could barely afford, while Delia was stuck with a piece of junkyard heap that nobody else wanted. I think her old man got it off some old geyser friend of his, the thing was a fucking dinosaur, I remember Celine laughing about it at the time. We'll see who the fuck is laughing soon.

"Head back to the house I'll be there soon." I kissed my little girl gently to let her know we were good, sometimes she needed lots of reassuring, after tonight I'm hoping she outgrows that shit at least a little and grow a backbone in fact I'd see to it.

I had shit to do before I went back home, shit that was gonna make a lot of people unhappy.

Like I give a fuck.

Chapter 4







We're here this is it, or just about I wasn't sure I'd have the stomach for going through the pretense of this fiasco, no one else was in on my little event, I could've told my brother but in the beginning I didn't want anyone else knowing how stupid I was, then later the anger took over and I had to do it myself, It's mine to do, whatever came of it, I would take the back lash alone.

I searched the church for my girl to make sure she was where I told her to be, she was sitting between my mom and Paulina, Joann kept trying to get her attention, no doubt following Celine's orders to keep my baby away from my family, I had no idea what that was about, and quite frankly didn't care, probably just more of her jealousy bullshit.


We went through the whole shebang according to the wedding planners' orchestration then it was time to head to the restaurant where we had a private room booked.

There were quite a few people there, extended family on my side friends on hers, I think only Delia and her patents were here from her family, stuck up bitch was ashamed of her poor relations.

I checked once again to make sure that Delia was where I needed her to be before heading for the table with Celine her parents, her best friend Maura and Maura's husband Dylan along with some other people from the wedding party.


"Why is Delia over there? I told her to sit with us." She was pouting already, shouldn't she be more interested in where I sat?

"What, I'm not enough for you?" I turned on the charm, you leave her just where she is bitch.

"Of course you are sweetie, it's just, she's so awkward, I don't want her making your family uncomfortable."

"She seems fine to me." I looked over to the table where my girl and Drew were laughing at something, probably one of his lame ass jokes.

"Why do you always side with her?"

"Do I? I hadn't noticed." 

Her jealousy was coming through loud and clear.

"Yes you do and I wish you wouldn't, she doesn't deserve such loyalty, especially not from my husband, I hope you're not planning to always be that way." Here comes the pout, it use to be cute but had stopped being that a long time ago, about the time I started hating her fucking guts.

We made it through dinner barely, with her prattling on in my ears about what changes she was going to make to my house and what invitations we would be accepting in the future and some other drivel that I blocked out.

I didn't eat anything and I nursed my one snifter of cognac, I needed a clear head for what was coming.

Dinner was over and it was time for the toasts, I had asked my dad and mom to let me give the first toast before they did the whole welcome to the family bullshit, not gonna happen.

"Hello everyone, I want to thank all of you for coming, if everyone would look this way."

Celine and her mother were smiling my girl was looking like she wanted to disappear, I only had to put her through this one last thing and then she never had to worry again.

"As you know Celine and I hadn't known each other very long before I popped the question, I thought I knew everything I needed to know at that point, so I bought the ring." There were murmurs and smiles at that.

"It was only a few weeks later that I got to really know her and I must say it wasn't at all what I expected." As I gave the signal a gentleman in the back cued up the movie screen sized monitor that I had brought in specially for the occasion.

"Can I see your ring?" she looked at me in confusion as she took it off not knowing where the hell I was going with this.

As the screen lit up voices could be heard.

"We're going to be living the life of Riley." On the screen Celine and Maura were reclining naked on a bed drinking what looked like champagne.

They toasted each other while they giggled.

"So we're still on schedule right, everything going as planned?"

"Yep, one year and then it's freedom for the rest of my life, no stupid parents and that annoying little bitch, I will miss his dick though, but the money to buy my freedom is more important."

"Oh I'm sure my Dylan could more than hold his own in the dick department as you can attest to." They laughed and looked towards the camera which they had no idea was there as Dylan entered the picture.

You could hear a pin drop in the room.

"Turn it off." that was Maura the maid of honor, I ignored her ass, the room full of people watched Dylan and Maura fuck my fiancé in technicolor. The lady like girl who lorded it over everyone else was into golden showers and drinking other people's piss. Her family and friends sat in stunned silence as I walked away towards my family's table. There was nothing more to be said.

I took Delia's hand. "Mom, dad, I'm sorry you had to see that but I had to do it this way, the fall out for our family is minimal if any at all, forgive me for bringing this into your lives I'm sorry."

"Forget about that son are you okay?"

"Yeah mom I'm fine, I just need to get Delia out of here."

Her hand was trembling in mine and she was close to tears. 

" Damn bro that's some cold ass shit." Drew was staring at the screen transfixed, dad clapped me on the shoulder and asked what I was going to do now. Things were moving fast people were getting up to leave there were raised voices and recriminations heard in the background.

"I'm going to marry my woman." I swung Delia's hand up between us and kissed her fingers.

My family somehow didn't seem as surprised as I would've expected though it wouldn't have mattered. They hugged us both as I told them all including her that we were on our way to Vegas in my private jet, by this time tomorrow she would be my wife.

When we reached the doorway the screaming started.

"You bitch." she came running with claws drawn at Delia but I got between them.

"Touch her and I'll not think twice about knocking you on your ass."

"So you've been fucking her this whole time and you have the nerve to judge me."

I had no desire to play out this soap opera any more than it already had but I needed to answer that for Delia's sake.

"Actually no, I only started fucking her after I found out what a dog you are and I have to say thank you, if I hadn't met you, I would never have found my treasure."

"She's not going anywhere with you, you're not going anywhere with him."

She made a grab for Delia's hand.

"I warned you."

"If you do this, then you're no sister of mine."

By his time Delia was in tears and I was over it, her parents were still sitting at the table in shock, not even caring that I was about to make off with their daughter, fine by me, we didn't need their permission or their blessings anyway.

BOOK: Taking What He Wants
7.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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