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“Bitch you heard me?”
Dallas crossed her legs.

I couldn’t believe what was coming out her mouth right now. This bitch had the
nerve to accuse me of cheating

on my man. I was dead tired but I still had the energy to whoop a bitch’s ass!

“What the fuck are you talkin’ ‘bout?”

“Angelique honey don’t play stupid, I know you’re fuckin’ Sway behind me and Tyce’s back. You think you’re slick but I know

I stood up, “You don’t know shit, and I really don’t think what the fuck I do is any or your business.”
my business hoe!” Dallas stood up now.

I batted my eyes in disbelief at what I just heard.

“Who the fuck you callin’ a hoe? Bitch if it wasn’t for Tyce yo hoe ass would still be
your back
for stacks!”

“Yeah I was an escort and proud of it, at least I’m upfront with my shit! I don’t sneak around fuckin’ my mans friend
s! You walk around here like you

queen shit and I see
right through yo ass, and best believe Tyce will too!”

I closed the short distance between us and stood breast to breast. She was shorter than
I was
so it was really like forehead to chin.

Dallas, if you lie on me I promise I’ll beat your ass like a dusty rug!”

She grinned wickedly
, “It wouldn’t be a lie,
that’s not all I’
ma tell him, I have a secret of my own.

“Get the fuck out!”
I jerked my head toward the

er ass hung out
the bottom of her tiny
boy shorts as she
walked to the door, “Soon you’ll be the one leavin’ hoe. Tell Sway I said wasup.”

allas left my bedroom leaving the
door wide open
. I was so furious my hands were shaking. I had visions of snatching that bitch bald and dragging her down the steps
behind me
like an old blanket!
Now I understood why she put her hair in a ponytail before she popped off at the mouth…she did that
just in case she had to fight.

I didn’t need
this drama.


Who the fuck she think she is?


Where the hell was Tyce?


Damn I’m starving! Shit!

Moms Intuition


Something was wrong. I felt it in my gut. The T.V. was watching me as I sat on the
king sized bed in my quiet hotel room. It was just before midnight and I hadn’t heard from my son since he left earlier this afternoon. I decided to find out what was going on. I picked up my phone and dialed Tyce’s number, he answered on the second ring.

“Hey mom.”

“Hey son how are you?”

“I’m fine.”

“It’s good to hear your voice, I was starting to worry about you, where are you?”

There was a short pause, “I’m uhhh at the hospital.”

“What happened, are you ok?” My
was beginning to speed up.

“Yeah I’m fine; it’s not me that’s hurt.”

“Thank God, so why are you at the hospital? Is it Gloria, is she ok?”

“Well she is here but she’s in stable conditio
n, I checked on her about 30
minutes ago and it looks like she’s gonna pull through just fine.”

“That’s good to hear,
was worried sick about he

I could sense
the disdain in his voice as he filled me in
on the latest news regarding
Gloria; but t
here was something
he wasn’t telling me.

I pressed him a bit, “What else is going on Tyce?”

“Well, I don’t really wanna talk over the phone but Armando is dead.”

“What? What the hell happened?”
I asked surprised.

“I’ll tell you
what happened to him
when I see you alright?”

“Ok that’s fine

“Tonight was crazy mom, I went to get Gloria, and you’ll never guess who I ran into.”

I put my finger in my mouth, “Who?”

“Diego’s daughter Sabrina, the
thing is, I actually knew her before. We hung out at a strip club a few weeks ago. We were standing by my Jeep when all hell broke loose
…to make a long story short she’s in surgery right now. I had to donate blood to help save her life.”

I was biting the ti
p of my finger very hard now as
Tyce’s voice filled my ear.

“Wow. Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah I’m cool, it jus’ kinda caught me off guard you know? I jus’
she makes it through, she’s hurt pretty bad

“I’ll pray for her, are you going to stay there all night?”

“Yeah I plan to unless the Doctors tell me otherwise.”

“Do you need me to come down there?”

“Naw, it’s still too hot for you come out, Diego got away from
and I
don’t know where he is.”

“Ok, well keep me posted on her progress.”

“Ok mom I’ll talk to you later.”

“Ok, bye for now, and be careful.”

I hung up the phone and processed all what he had shared with me. I wanted so bad to be by his side right now but he was correct, it was too dangerous for me be out in public now. I had no choice but sit and wait, and that was extremely hard to do.



Carmela hummed a tune to herself as she mopped the kitchen floor. The entire house smelled like tamales and
that was a familiar scent in the Alverez residence as Carmela went about her daily duties. The food was already prepared and she was finishing up her work for the day. In the back of her
she was silently praying Diego didn’t return home before she had a chanc
e to leave. That pray
was unanswered as she heard the side door open up and heavy footsteps coming
her direction. Carmela turned toward the arched entrance of the kitchen and watched Diego as he rudely walked across the wet floor towards her. He looked flustered, almost as if he went jogging or something. His normal smooth appearance was gone replaced by a nervous, unsteady, sweaty man.

Where es the bitch, es she still upstairs

Diego glared at Carmela wide eyed tapping his Italian leather shoe on the floor impatiently.

“Ummm, she, well she’s not here anymore.” Carmela nervously tightened her grip on the mop.

Whut de fuck yu mean she’s not here
?” Diego’s arms flew out to the side like a soaring eagle.

“She’s gone senor; Sabrina took her to the hospital after you left.” Carmela’s hands began to tremble

Carmela put her back against the sink; she was still gripping the mop like a pool stick in her hands. Suddenly Diego took five long steps forward and hovered over her like a low tree branch. Before
Carmela could
she felt a strong hand close
around her throat.

When I left
the black bitch wus bleedin

frum a whole en her leg and now yu tell me yu let her leave
Whut the fuck happened? I don care whu came here, that bitch wus not supposed to go anywhere! Yu knew that

The air was trappe
d in her lungs unable to escape
. She was struggling to breathe as her eyes blinked rapidly. Nothing she could say would calm him down, not that she could speak anyway, her only hope was that he let go before she passed out
Images of her sons beautiful smile flashed across her mind while she gasped for air. Instinct kicked in and she grabbed Diego’s thick forearms attempting to relieve the pressure from around her neck.
She let the mop fall to the floor before grabbing at him…she wouldn’t dare try and hit Diego with it…that would only piss him off even more.

I shud kill yu
!” Diego gritted his teeth.

His strong right hand opened up releasing her jugular but before Carmela could take in a
breath, she was struck across her
with a stinging slap. The force of the smack spun her petite body around and she was now facing the kitchen sink
trying to catch her breath. The side of her face was on fire! Her hand gently touched her cheek
as she finally inhaled deeply. Honestly she didn’t care as much about getting hit but was thankful to just breathe again.

“I told you senor; your daughter took her out of the room, not me.
drove her to the hospital, not me!” Carmela braced herself on the countertop keeping her back to her attacker.

Diego put his mouth to
side of her ear, “
And how ded she know she was here

Carmela just remained silent and offered no response. She knew if she confirmed Diego’s suspicions that she was the one that called Sabrina and told her about Gloria her life could very well end right there in the kitchen.

Ged the fuck out…and dun’t bother coming back tomorrow…yur fired, and if I see
…I will kill yu and nobody will find yur body
.” Diego turned and walked away.

Carmela said nothing, choosing instead to just stare into the stainless steel sink. She was devastated. She couldn’t believe Diego assaulted her, threatened to murder her, and then fired her.
All this because she tried to help a dying woman, it just didn’t make sense in her mind. But, then again, Diego was a man that cared only for himself. Money and murder were his motivators and there was no room for any decency to live in his icy heart.

She slowly picked the mop up off the floor, put it in the closet, grabbed her purse, pulled out the keys to her late model Honda, and quietly walked out the front door. She could barely see her compact car in the darkness of the night due to the tears in her eyes.

Happy Days


had a face full o
f ass and pulsating pussy. She
had a mouth full of stiff cock between her succulent lips. Sway was lying on his back with his wife’s ample ass resting on his nose whi
le Ranae’s tongue swirled
around the head of his erect penis. Both of them were eating and licking each other like they w
ere in a pie eating contest at the
county fair. The 69 position was perfect for the starved lovers because both of them were too impatient to wait for their turn.

A porno starring the two of them played on the 55 inch T.V
mounted on the wall opposite
r bed. The viewing of the home sex movie lasted an entire seven
minutes before the sight of Ranae riding Sway in the reverse cowgirl position
aroused them both. Watching that scene always made her pussy tick and his dick throb-add in the extended
five week
sex drought and it was a recipe for instant fucking.

Sway did his best to bury his tongue inside Ranae’s ass. He knew she loved that shit, some might say he was neglecting the pussy but on the contrary, he could feel her wetness on his
chin, which
let him know to keep going. So, he spread her ass cheeks apart like closed curtains and licked the middle of her ass like a melting ice cream cone.

His partner didn’t let
the fabulous feeling of her ass
hole being plunged into with a hot moist tongue distract her from her task. She closed her eyes tight, relaxed her throat, and did her best to make the dick disappear in her mouth. Sway’s left thigh shuddered in reaction to being swallowed whole and he retaliated by
gripping her clit gently in his front teeth and sucking

softly. Muffled moans filled the room drowning out the sex noises coming from the T.V. Tonight their focus was
each other,
would continue long after the big screen went black.

13.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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