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The next morning I was up early, it felt good to be out of jail that shit is for the birds for real. A nigga like me is not supposed to be locked up. Not that another nigga is, I’m just saying that shit aint for me. I aint with the going in and out of jail shit. I mean some niggas are in there so much and home so little, that it starts to feel like a vacation from jail when they do get out. I wasn’t trying to become institutionalized…fuck that, I had to much shit to do.

I hadn’t talked to Sway yet and was on my way to his new pad after I made a few stops. The sun was on high as I sped down the streets of L.A. taking in all the scenery, including all the women wearing shorts that didn’t have too much fabric past the pockets. Damn I love California; more sun meant less clothes and the women out here definitely believed in the motto “less is more.” I pulled into the lot where my warehouse was located and stopped my Jeep abruptly.


My shit was burned down!


My mouth went slightly open as I scanned the lot where my old home used to be. Charred metal, black bricks and ashes was all that remained. What the fuck happened? I was in shock. I got out and walked up to the depleted building and spotted a bum sifting through the rubble.

“Hey man, what the hell happened here? When did this burn down?” I stepped into what used to be my living room when I was a teenager.

“Oh ahhh, proly bout ahhh three weeks ago. The fire department said it was arson. I think it was an insurance scam you know?” The scruffy looking man wore an old
MC Hammer
T-shirt that said, “
You Can’t Touch This
” on the front. “They jus’
came out and officially condemned the place yesterday. Works out good for me cuz’ that means they won’t be back anytime soon so I can stay here for a lil while. I got a lil spot back dere in the corner I like to curl up in…get some shut eye.” His head bobbled like a baby with a weak neck as he filled me in.

I couldn’t believe
my shit was gone, burnt to a crisp. There was absolutely nothing left. I’m sure somebody tried to contact me and let me know about the fire but my ass
was locked up three weeks ago.

“Thanks man…here you go.” I pulled a 20-dollar bill from my pocket and handed it to him.

“Bless you brother, bless you! I can get some good dinner tonight and some whiskey!” He held up the twenty in the air.

“Enjoy that dinner and that whiskey.” I chuckled.
“Most certainly will! Most certainly will!” He bobbed his head lazily again as he shuffled off.

Damn, I didn’t expect that shit. I had insurance on the building and would definitely be making a claim but I’d rather have my warehouse back. That place held sentimental value to me. That was my first home. That was where I planned my heists. That building was where I counted my first million. Rolling back down the city blocks trying to process what just happened, I was interrupted by my cell phone ringing. I looked down to see Sway’s number flicker on my screen.

“Wasup Sway? I’m on my way to your house now.”
“Yeah, I jus’ got here; I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss you.”

“Naw, I’m still like 30 minutes away from you, I had to make a few stops first. You wanna hear somthin’ crazy?” I stopped at a red light.

“Wasup? What happened?” Sway asked curiously.
“My warehouse burned down!”

“What? When?” His deep voice went up an octave.
“Shit, I guess ‘bout three weeks ago, at least that’s what a bum told me.”

“Damn…what happened?” Sway was shocked and surprised as well.

I pulled off from the light and continued driving down the busy street and that’s when I saw it. I quickly veered off the road, swerved into the parking lot of a liquor store, and stared out my windshield. My thick eyebrows narrowed and bunched up as I read the billboard. It had my mug shot in the middle and underneath in big ass letters it read…




“Tyce, you there…hello?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m here. Is Ranae home?”

“Naw, she’s out shopping with the kids. Why?”

“I’m on my way.” I hung up the phone and glared at the sign.


I guess I know who burned down my warehouse.


It’s on now!

Mexican Power


Diego reached across the glass patio table and answered the phone.


“Hello sir, I’m calling from the
Boys and Girls Club of America
my name is Amy and I represent the New Orleans, Louisiana chapter of the youth club. As you know hurricane Katrina devastated the city and subsequently damaged the
Boys and Girls Club

Ged tu the point
.” Diego interrupted the woman.
“Ahhh well, I’m calling this afternoon to petition you for your financial assistance to help rebuild and repair the facility.”

Diego sighed heavily, “
I don gif a fuck
any club…call sumone else. Adios
.” Diego hung up on the polite woman.

Carmela walked out to the patio carrying a tray of assorted fruits, crackers, and cheeses. She didn’t say a word as she placed the colorful tray in front of her boss.

Gracias Carmel
.” Diego looked straight ahead.

.” She walked back inside.

Frustration was all over Diego’s face as he snacked on the appetizers. He knew Tyce was a free man and yet no one had seen him. He scolded his brother for not being present when he was released from the county jail. Armando always took things to lightly. Biz made that same mistake and paid for it with his life. Diego knew that Tyce wasn’t like the other hoodlums hanging on the corners working for him. Tyce was different. He was smart and he wasn’t afraid of anything. He proved that when he stole five million dollars from him in one night.

There was no need to skip trace or search county records to try and locate Tyce’s house. A man like that had layers of protection to hide his identity and keep his home anonymous. The fact that he had been Biz’s enforcer for nearly ten years and hadn’t even been questioned in connection with a single murder, confirmed that Mr. Adkins was indeed an intelligent man who preferred the director’s chair over the spot light.

Tyce needed to be drawn out. Diego knew that the fastest way to get a man to come out of hiding is to question his manhood. Any man that had a set of balls would not like to think that another man considers him a coward. When Tyce poked his little head out from his hole to defend his honor, Diego planned to chop it off and play a game of soccer with it!

Round Two


I pulled up to the large home just around the corner from mine parking my jeep in the driveway. I took a deep breath and rubbed my hands over my jeans. Flipping down the visor, I used the mirror and inspected my face. I took a look into my own eyes and didn’t blink. Fear was absent. Cowardice was missing. Confidence stared back at me. Bravery was my reflection.

Sway came walking out of the house as I flipped the visor back up. I looked in his direction and smiled, I hadn’t seen him since we were all at Biz’s house…the day he burned to death.

“What’s good man? I knew a jail cell couldn’t hold you for too long.” Sway smiled as he walked out the house coming towards me.

He wore ligh
t blue jeans and a
black V-neck shirt. Sway liked to show off his physique wh
enever he got the chance. Baggy
clothes wasn’t his style, why hide all that hard work under oversized clothes? His hair was short and curly as usual with a taper fade around the ears and lower neck. He had that financial glow about himself and walked with that money limp that was common amongst ballers.

“Yeah they tried to hold me but that shit aint work out like they thought.” I got out the jeep giving him a pound.

“Good to see you man.” Sway stepped back.

“You too; hey is Ranae still gone?”

“Yeah, wasup man, why you keep asking about Ranae?” Sway cocked his head to the side.

“Let’s take a walk.”

Sway and I had been friends since we were preteens. I was counting on his loyalty and friendship now more than ever. As we walked he stayed silent and waited for me to speak first.

“Have you seen the billboard yet?”

“What billboard?”

I turned to face him, “There’s a big ass billboard on Crenshaw with my face on it and the words you can’t hide written under my neck.”

“What the fuck? Who the fuck would do that!?” Sway’s eyebrows bunched up as a scowl spread across his face.

“Somebody that wants to get my attention.” I said easily.

“Like who?” Sway turned his palms over.

I pulled out a pack of clove cigarettes from my pocket, took one out and lit it before answering the question. We made direct eye contact as I exhaled the smoke.

“Mr. Five million dollars himself…Diego Alverez.”

Just The Three Of Us


Things were going good at the Adkins household. Angelique was settling in and Dallas was getting comfortable in her new surroundings. The house looked different nowadays, it had a woman’s touch that was obsolete before. The women decorated as a team, working together to make the house a home. The pride and joy of the residence was the now finished boom boom room, equipped with mirrors all around, a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, a circular bed, a sex swing, and of course the infamous stripper pole. Tyce excitedly approved of the space and planned to utilize it to the fullest.

Angelique busied herself in the kitchen on this Thursday evening preparing fried chicken, ga
rlic mashed potatoes, rolls, with
a chef salad on the side. She did most of the cooking; she made it her responsibility to make sure Tyce was eating properly. Dallas took up the cleaning duties, keeping the house tidy and placing air fresheners in every room. Although both of them were multi millionaires, they still had that domestic bone in their body that kept them grounded…plus Tyce already said no to a house keeper when they both asked him. He preferred to have only people he knew and trusted in his house.

Cabinets closed and drawers opened as Angelique cooked her version of southern fried chicken. She timed the meal perfectly as she knew Tyce would return home from the shooting range in about a half hour. Her tight jeans had flour dust on the thighs but her tank top was spotless. Flip-flops clung to her pretty feet as she stepped lightly around the kitchen. Because of the heat from the deep fryer as well as the oven, her long hair was pinned up, allowing the back of her neck to breath. As she checked the chicken, Dallas walked in smiling.

“Damn that smells good! I see you
“She aint got shit on me, plus I’m about a hundred pounds lighter.” Angelique sucked her teeth.

“Don’t forget prettier.” Dallas snatched a grape tomato off the top of the salad.

“Yes, don’t forget that. Are you hungry?”

Dallas munched the tomato, “Hell yeah, I haven’t ate all day. Did you make any appetizers?”

“Naw I didn’t sorry.”

“Well then, I gue
ss your titty will have to do.

Dallas grabbed the ranch dressing off the counter and simultaneously lifted Angelique’s shirt up. Her bra free breast hung freely as Dallas gently fondled it with her fingertips. She poured a dollop of ranch dressing on Angelique’s nipple and proceeded to lick it off.

“Mmmmm, that feels good.” Angelique palmed the back of Dallas’s head.

Dallas continued to suck and lick as the nipple responded to the heat of her tongue and began to harden.
Angelique put the tongs on the counter and moved her hand toward Dallas’s shorts pulling the elastic out to give her hand more room to slide in. Two fingers began to rub the clit; slow at first then moved faster matching the rhythm of the ton
gue swirling around her nipple.

“Ssssss that’s my spot.” Dallas admitted while keeping the chocolate drop clenched gently between her front teeth.

Beep beep beep beep beep, the timer on the deep fryer rang signaling the end of
this round.

“Girl you ‘bout to
make me burn this chicken up.”

Dallas released her tender bite, “I told you I was hungry.”

“Well we could have a three layer cake for desert, you, me, and Tyce.” Angelique winked as she reached for the tongs again.

“You read my mind babe, we gonna wear his ass out tonight, he might need a Viagra!” Dallas laughed. “Uhhh you might wanna pull your shirt down unless you enjoy getting popped by hot grease.”

4.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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