Tylar (The Mating Games Book 6)

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The Mating Games series


Book 6


By Catty Diva


Cover by Jesh Art


2016 Copyright by Catty Diva


Edited by Eagle editing



Any resemblance to persons living or dead are strictly a coincidence. While some actual places may be named, they are used only in the context of imaginary events. The story is strictly created from the author’s imagination and all of the events are fictitious.


This is a series and it is recommended that you read all books in order.




Book 1


Razar needs a mate but on his planet there are nine males to one female. Humans look like they are compatible but if they find out the secrets of his kind they will refuse to send them mates. 

Lista needs money for her mother's operation or she will die. Her sister has volunteered her to be a bride for an alien. If she wins the mating game she will be free to keep the money and return home.
Can she outwit him or will he claim her heart before it's game over? 




Book 2


Travlr is ready and he wants nothing more than to catch his mate and make her his. His mate seems to be a cunning capable female but he will claim her, what choice does he have?

Tammie has nothing left on Earth. She was basically sold to the hunt but what kind of male can she expect to try to claim her? Since she doesn’t know, she will use every trick in the book to elude him.

His time is running out, but what about hers?




Book 3


It's finally Glendar's turn to find his mate and he can't wait. He'll have to hunt her but it's a small thing to do in order to get your fated mate and find happiness, right?

Bernie has escaped from home so no matter what happens she's better off. But what will happen if her father tries to come for her? Will Glendar stand up for her or will they send her back so her father will keep letting them have more mates from the world he controls?



Book 4


Maxar has felt drawn to Ernie since the day he met her but there are rules about the mating games that can’t just be ignored. The plan is in place for his to hunt his mate at the upcoming hunt but he knows no one else can make him happy.

When trouble comes. Ernie is falsely accused and may be sent away. Is there anything that can save her and allow them to be together? If there is, no one is telling.




Book 5


Stevr’s duties involve acquiring mates for his people. Most of these mates come from Earth.

This trip one of those females will be his own. Stevr has never felt unlucky before but he has never had so many near disasters in such a short time in his entire life. Maybe the biggest problem he has is that the woman who appears to be involved is also his future mate.

Geena has had to do many things in her life she hasn’t wanted to do. This trip is just one example of many. How can she accomplish her goals on this ship with the handsome captain keeping an eye on her?

When it all comes to a head will they be together or blown apart?




It’s just a party but nothing seems to be simple for Tylar. Stevr just brought back his mate and Lista’s mother with her little brothers. This bumps Tylar up into the next mating game. He’s just met Careena who is Lista’s mom but looks more like a slightly older sister. What’s more is his demon is going crazy trying to get to her. If he does, something very intimate will happen. How can he hunt another with Careena on his mind? He has only a couple weeks before it is game on and he’ll have no choice.

Careena feels like a dirty old woman as she checks out the gorgeous young man she finds out is Razar’s brother. Guilt makes her feel awful but it doesn’t stop the desire from hitting her right between the eyes. This mother of four might feel bad but she would so love to take that young man for a ride and teach him about the birds and the bees.




Chapter 1




Tylar had to leave the party before his demon did something they would all regret. He felt like he was on fire from the inside out and the more he thought about it the less wrong it seemed to just take her and drag her off someplace to indulge in some heavy mating. His intentions were good, he would make an honest woman of her as the Earthers would say. The problem was who she was and that she was already a mother, she had her place in life secured. Careena might not want a mate or to have a take charge male come into her life carving out a place for himself in it.

He would want to be father to the boys, it wasn’t his way to be anything less. Lista and her sister, he couldn’t remember her name off hand might also have a hard time accepting him. Age wasn’t a concern, he might look like he was twenty something but he was nearly forty since Mazlans aged much slower than humans. They lived longer too and were tougher as well as harder to injure. None of that mattered if she was truly his mate. What did matter was the hunt was two weeks away.

The next day he sat in his office staring out the window. There was a knock on his door. All the brothers had offices at home and another away from home. Their dad felt they needed to get out to the office to be more productive. “Come in.”

“Tylar. Lista was worried about you since you left so suddenly last night. You didn’t even meet her mother or Stevr’s new mate.”

“My demon was restless.” It was true and the only answer he could give to Razar.

“Because of Careena?”

“Is that Lista’s mom?”


“What if it was?” He said defensively.

Razar help up his hands. “Hey, I’m just here to help.”

“I know. Yes, he reacted strongly to her.”

“I think she might like you too.”

“What can we do? There are only two weeks before the hunt.”

“Yes, your timing is bad.”

Tylar made a weird noise. “You can say that again.”

“You’re timing is bad.” Razar said as Tylar punched him in the arm.

“That was unnecessary asshole.”

Razar chuckled. “Since I’m here, Lista has a list of things she wants. Most are for the baby.” He explained as he handed Tylar the list.

Tylar scanned it and his brow wrinkled. “What’s a baby jumper?”

“You hook it to the ceiling and it has a spring coil put in the rope that holds it up. There is a seat for the baby to sit in and he can jump up and down until he is tired. She remembers the one the twins had fondly. She’d have to watch them and they had to take turns because there was only one.”

“Your baby will shred it the first time it uses it. Doesn’t she realize he’ll be a demon? That toy will annoy the inner beast.”

“Maybe. Why don’t
explain it to her?”

“I will get it as soon as I can find a company that sells them. Did she mention where they bought it?”

“No, but they had little that was new. They probably bought an old one off a friend or neighbor.”

Tylar grinned. “I love watching her open boxes. Never have I seen anyone get so excited to see what is in them. Even the simplest things delight her.”

“Not true. Tammie is worse having had even less as a child. She didn’t even know what most of the baby items on the list were.”

“Her father should be beaten and have all his children taken away.”

“Yes, then fixed to where he can have no more. I respect Travlr for holding back. I might have killed that man regardless of who he was.”

“I think I’ll get several of each of the items on the list. Maybe I’ll get something for the twins too.”

“Wooing the mother through the children?”

“They are part of her, but they look like they are good boys. I believe I would enjoy playing with them. We missed out on some things back then because we had to work to survive. Now that we have children in the family we can make up for that.”

“I like the way you think brother. Find us some fun toys and we can all get together to have fun.”

“It’s too bad Jorgr isn’t here. Maybe he’ll be back by then.”

“We’ll do this more than once. His work is important.”

“I hate that he has to go undercover.”

“He was the best choice. It will be good experience for him. When he comes back he will have some good tales to tell.”

“I hope so.” Razar had to hurry off. He’d left Lista with Tammie but Tylar knew he hated not being near her since she would have the baby soon. It would be the first human/Mazlan hybrid. Mazlans carried for four months while humans carried for nine. Lista had conceived quickly and it looked like she would have her baby at around six months. Tylar was looking forward to it. He loved children, all of his kind did. Being around the young calmed their demons.

Now he was left wondering what he should do. One thing was certain, he needed to begin right away. If he could get Lista on his side, that would be a big help. The problem was she was about to have a baby. He wanted to do nothing that would stress out or worry her when she was so close to delivering the first of the next generation. It would seem he was on his own and the first thing he had to do was find a way to meet Careena. A big smile came over his face as an idea presented itself. Looking at the list of items Lista wanted for the baby he saw a perfect reason to contact her mother.

Leaving the office, he stopped at Havlar’s desk on the way out. “Havlar, I will be out the rest of the day. Consider yourself in charge. Only com me for the most important of matters.”

“I hope you are doing something fun. You work too much. I will deal with whatever is needed.” Havlar responded. Tylar liked his assistant. They were close in age and had grown up together. He and his brothers knew everyone in their community, some like Havlar they knew better than others. Their community here previously had about ten thousand people but the ranks were growing with the arrival of humans, and other races, that worked for the Mazlans and the mates, some with children, which were almost all human.

Tylar found he was in a good mood as he made his way to the small house Careena and the twins were staying in. The house was the one Ernie and her daughter had previously lived in. Housing was a problem, there was a severe shortage but he was having a modular house put together for himself and his future mate. If it turned out to be acceptable, it might solve the problem since the shell would be put together in a week. It did take a month to transport to the location, but that still saved a great deal of time. His house would be arriving tomorrow.

Pulling up close to the door, Tylar got out of his hover car. Nerves attacked him making his stomach feel like it was inhabited by a wild creature. His hands were sweaty and his heart was pounding. He wasn’t used to feeling this way. Wiping his hands on a disposable towel, he took a deep breath before he exited the vehicle. This would go well, it had to since his whole future depended on it.

Once he got to the door he knocked softly so he wouldn’t startle her. She must not have heard him so he knocked harder but she opened in the middle of his knock causing him to almost hit her and fall forward. Catching himself he was embarrassed.

“Sorry about that.”

“It’s alright. Do I know you?”

“I’m Razar’s brother, Tylar.”

“Oh, you’re one of the two I didn’t meet. Aren’t you the one that left unexpectedly?”

“Yes, we came close to meeting. I had an urgent matter to attend.” It wasn’t a lie. His demon had been almost impossible to control. It wasn’t easy now with him so close to her that her scent wrapped around him.

“Would you like to come in? I can get you a cup of coffee or tea?”

“Thank you. Coffee would be nice.” Yes! He did a mental fist pump. Lista and Tammie were rubbing off on him.

Careena came back with two cups of coffee. She placed his in front of him and motioned for him to sit across from where she sat down. “What can I help you with?” She asked as she looked at him curiously.

He pulled out the list, his excuse for being here. “Perhaps you are aware that each of us brothers have an area we’re in charge of?”

“Lista may have mentioned something like that.”

“My job is to acquire whatever we need. It is a big job and I need some help. Lista has sent me this list of baby needs. I’m unfamiliar with most of the items on here. In order to get them I need to know who makes or sells them.” Putting the list on the table between them he pushed it toward her.

Careena picked it up smiling as she read it to herself. Her lips moved as she read each item until she was done. “I can help you with this.” She said with certainty. “Even though I didn’t get these items new, I know where they came from. I’ll just write the name of the company next to them.”

As she began to write, he panicked. This was accomplished far too quickly. “Was there anything you needed?”

“Oh my no. Your family has been more than generous.”

BOOK: Tylar (The Mating Games Book 6)
8.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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